Colorado and Cousins

We adventured to Colorado last week.  The trip started off with some excitement – we arrived at the airport in time to see our flight get cancelled – but Adam came back, picked us up, and took us home for a few hours.  Luke got a nap and Jace and I picked tomatoes and caught a huge cicada.  We headed back to the airport a few hours later, discovered the new play area at ABE, and boarded the plane.  The kids were adorable.  We played at another play area in Philadelphia, ate some pizza, then headed to Denver.  The kids were great on the airplane.  We landed really late at night, but the kids were still wide-awake and happy.  Kevin picked us up and the kids were asleep as soon as they got strapped into car seats!

The next morning we went to the zoo.  The highlights were feeding the giraffes and feeding the birds – and playing in the play area, of course!

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the park and playing in the backyard.  And Ronyn and Jace had a great time playing with Barbies during bath.

The next day we went to see Coffee Grandma.  Luke loved all the dogs (they have five!) and both kids had a great time tackling their Uncle Dane.

The next day, Auntie Mel took us to The North Pole.  So cool!  It’s a Christmas-themed amusement park – and there were no lines anywhere.  Perfect!  The kids loved the rides.  Luke could ride most rides with an adult, so that was fun.  And it turns out Jace has the stomach for the fast, spinning rides.  Good thing Uncle Dane was there, ’cause that is NOT my type of ride.  Jace even got Auntie Mel to ride the Ferris Wheel with us!  The only down part of the day was when the stroller caught on fire.  Yup.  Parked it next to a mirror while I changed Luke and the reflected sunlight got a bit hot….  Sigh.  But it was still a really fun day!

The next day we explored the backyard and watched Rescue Bots.

Then it was back to Aunt Kelly’s house for my time with the cousins.  They had a water balloon/squirt gun/hose fight….

They played with “catchable” bubbles….

They jumped on the trampoline, played t-ball, chased bugs (there’s a picture of Optimus Prime meeting a grasshopper), and played, played, played.  And played some more.

We spent a morning at the park, we went to the swimming pool one evening (no pics, oops), and we played at the playground in the mall.  Doing anything with that many people is just fun and chaotic and exciting.  My kids got so much attention!  There was always a cousin who wanted to play or someone to help Luke down the slide or take Jace up a big rock.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!


We ate all our meals together.  And celebrated all the May/June/July birthdays – with birthday cake and candles and presents!

We got a chance to meet Baby Vince.  Luke was pretty excited about Vince, actually.  It was cute.

The kids did sand art, shrinky dinks, played with glow bracelets, and Luke had fun with the Hulk fists.

And of course, we attempted some group pictures….  It’s hard to get nine kids to look at the same place at the same time!  The picture of the four little boys is a little rough, but it’s the best of the 20+ pictures I took!  And Kelly and I remembered to get a picture together this time!

Next, we headed back to Coffee Grandma’s house for some movies, splashing in puddles, and making s’mores with Coffee Grandpa.  The kids ended the night by exploring Coffee Grandpa’s shed and playing together on the back deck.

The next morning, Coffee Grandpa took us up to Denver to catch our flight home.  The kids were adorable in the airports.  They both wanted to wear their backpacks all the time, they held hands a bunch, and they were both so excited about moving walkways.  We had a loooong layover in Charlotte (delays!) and the kids did great – and entertained everyone in the boarding area with their antics!  We finally made it back to Bethlehem and back to Adam.  It was good to be home!


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