Free Food, Family Pics, and Alpha Bots

The day Stephanie left was Cow Appreciation Day AND 7-11 Day.  Free Chick fil A and free Slurpees all in one day?  Awesome!  The kids and I went to Chick fil A for lunch and got Slurpees afterwards.  Jace carefully avoided stepping on cracks to and from the car.  The sidewalk was much easier than the decorative brick crosswalk!  We played in the car (why do the kids love that?) and Jace cut his leg.  But a Slurpee made everything better!  We played at home all afternoon, then headed back to Chick fil A with Adam for dinner.  And round two of Slurpees, of course!  Luke wasn’t too sure about the whole cow costume thing….

The kids got carseat upgrades.  Luke moved out of the infant car seat and into Jace’s car seat (since it can be rear-facing).  And Jace got a new high-backed booster (still a 5-point harness) with TWO cup holders.  It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Some random pictures….  Luke loves walking with his lawn mower.  We went to Sam’s Club and the first sample when we walked in the door was ice cream – yay!  Jace crawled into a pack n play with the cat and asked me to take his picture and post it – so here it is!  More popsicles on the back deck.  The kids played catch with the velcro paddles.  They took turns wearing Adam’s shoes, then finally contented themselves with each wearing one of his shoes – and putting both feet in at the same time!  And Jace posed in front of his sunflower (so tall!) and showed off our tomatoes and jalapeno from the garden.

We had a park playdate and our friends brought chocolate covered donuts.  SO MESSY!  We met some friends at Friendly’s for breakfast and had a great time – and the kids were all really well behaved!  Our hibiscus tree is doing better now – we think.  We got crayons for the bathtub.  And we had a playdate with Jack, which was going pretty well, until Jace and Jack decided to dump every toy from every bin in their entire basement.  It was chaos and happened SO fast.  Luke seemed a bit overwhelmed, then walked right into the fray, grabbed the toy cash register, and walked out.  He was looting!  And speaking of Luke and the bathtub, his new favorite post-bath look is to wrap up with a towel around his waist.  And hand towels are the perfect size for him!  So cute!

We rearranged our playroom and I really like it.

Luke does EVERYTHING that Jace does.  EVERYTHING!  If Jace pets the dog, Luke pets the dog.  If Jace jumps off the bottom stair, Luke jumps off the bottom stair.  If Jace sneezes, Luke fakes a sneeze.  Luckily, Jace likes having a little shadow (most of the time).  Here are pictures of them at the park (both hanging from the bar), in the Target parking lot (sitting together, walking together), and hanging out on their couches with their favorite toys (foam darts for Luke, Alpha Bots for Jace).

Which brings me to Alpha Bots.  Alpha Bots are Jace’s new toy.  They’re pretty cool.  Each bot is a letter – that transforms into a robot!  Given his Rescue Bots obsession, Alpha Bots are right up his alley.

We have a squirrel!  We’ve had suet out on our deck for months now.  The birds love it.  Jace and Luke love the birds.  It’s a good system.  Well, in the last few days, a squirrel has found our suet block.  And he’s a brave little squirrel!  Banging on the glass and a barking dog don’t deter him at all.  We’ve spent a lot of time watching the squirrel.  When we let Cuervo out on the deck, the squirrel finally runs away.  And we get to watch him jump from the deck to the nearby trees.  It’s pretty cool.

When we’re not watching the squirrel, we’re usually playing outside.

Family pictures.  I want family pictures.  And cute pictures of Jace and Luke.  Adam has been working with Jace on his smile (he’s in that toddler phase where “smile” translates to “scrunch up your face, close your eyes, and bare your teeth”), the kids both got haircuts (they look great!), and we took some pictures at Jacobsburg on a pretty day with green grassy backgrounds.  Hopefully we’ll get some good ones evenutally – these three look promising!  🙂

Which brings us to today.  Today the kids and I went to a PBS Story Hour.  We went with Ella and Max.  Ella and Max walked right in, so Luke walked right in too.  Jace got to the door, froze, and refused to enter.  Luke noticed, so he ran to the door, left the room, and refused to enter.  Sigh!  Eventually they both went into the room and sat together on a beanbag chair.  Backwards.  Oh well, it’s progress.  They were very excited to see the TeleBear and pick out a free book after story time.  And tonight, Adam and I went on a date!  It was our second time using a babysitter, and I think it went pretty well.  Jace loves our babysitter and had a great time.  Luke wasn’t thrilled, but he was all smiles when we got home.  And our server at dinner made us a special dessert plate that said “Horray for our babysitter”.  Ha.  But it was a fun date night.  And now it’s almost 1am and I need to start packing.  Yikes!  Pictures of our next adventures soon!


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