Sun, Sand, Surf… And Steph! And Goats.

STEPHANIE came to visit us!  Hooray!

We kept busy the day she was scheduled to arrive.  Scrunchie noses on the couch, scrapbooking our scavenger hunt day at Monocacy with friends (the kids made their own books – they’re pretty cool! – and our picture was in the newspaper!), and going to the movies in the park with other friends that evening.  The kids insist on bringing the chairs for each movie – then spend a total of 3 minutes sitting down and watching the movie.  This time we played with glow sticks when it got dark!

By the time Steph’s plane finally made it in, both kids were asleep in the car.  But they were excited to see her in the morning!  It took Luke about 3 seconds to warm up to her – especially once she started playing with the foam darts and the stomp rocket!  Jace played with blocks.

Playing with Foam Darts with Stephanie – video

After a leisurely morning, we headed to the orchard.  Because that’s what we do.  We picked pounds and pounds and pounds of cherries and then played at Firetruck Park.

That evening we got our first red tomato of the season!  Fun!  Luke took Steph on a walk.  And Jace went roller skating.  We made – and ate – a cake (I don’t even remember why we did that, but I do know we had candles and Jace sang Happy Birthday to Baby Luke!).  We ended the evening by teaching Stephanie how to catch fireflies.  It was a great day!

Jace wanted to play with me instead of going to bed.  After trying to get him to sleep for a long time, Adam gave up.  So Adam went to sleep and Jace came down to play with me.  I made cherry pies and he played with playdough.  And then we played with flashlights in the dark.  Until ONE IN THE MORNING.  Ridiculous!

The next morning started pretty slowly.  Jace slept in (surprise, surprise!).  Luke and Steph played with the stomp rocket.  And we read some books together.  Eventually we decided to head to Imagi Nation.  We had a good time playing – then it was time to make ice cream.  They’ve added a “taste experience” to the ice cream making, so Luke got a tiny cup of ice cream and a plastic spoon.  And he chowed down.  Literally.  How do you eat through a plastic spoon when you only have four and a half teeth?!

We recently set up our second iPad.  Luke wants to do everything Jace does – including watching the iPad.  However, Luke doesn’t have much interest in actually WATCHING a show.  He just wants to push buttons and carry the iPad around.  Which is fine.  But they are pretty cute when they sit together on the couch and watch their respective shows (Rescue Bots for Jace, Mother Goose Club for Luke).  They were extra cute watching their shows in the fort!  But Luke lost interest pretty quickly and moved on to the sandbox.

It was a Saturday, so Adam was home for work.  So we ALL headed to the dairy farm!  Adam had never been there with us, and neither had Stephanie, so Jace got to show them everything.  We spent a long time feeding crab apples to the goats.  We also explored the hay barn, visited the three different areas with cows, and ate some ice cream.  Yummy!

Feeding the Goats – video

Sunday morning, we headed for the shore.  We opted for Asbury Beach – a “quiet” beach.  HA!  Luke stayed awake the entire drive to the coast, then fell asleep while we circled looking for parking.  So Luke and I hung out in the car while Jace and Steph explored the beach.  When Luke woke up, we met up with them.  And spent the afternoon (and evening!) on the beach.  Despite all the people, we had a good time.  And the kids were really excited by all the planes flying around with banners.

The water was really shallow (you could walk out a long ways and only be waist deep).  We spent some time in the water, some time on the sand, and some time at the playground, then headed for our hotel.  Jace opened all the drawers in our hotel room and was so excited to find some books!  He crawled onto the bed and relaxed with the Book of Mormon.  He even read some of it to Luke!

The next morning we went to Point Pleasant.  What a fun beach!  We played on the sand for a long time.  When it was time for Luke to nap, we hit the boardwalk.  Luke slept in the stroller while Jace and I rode some rides and played some arcade games.

Jumping Waves with Stephanie – video
Jace and Stephanie had a great time playing in the waves.

When Luke woke up, we headed back to the sand.  SO MUCH FUN!

We headed home late that night (after stopping at McDonalds for happy meals – and seeing a cool praying mantis!).  The kids slept most of the drive and we were all ready for bed when we made it home.  Steph flew out the next morning.  Hopefully she had a great trip!


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