The 4th of July

11 days ago (oops), we celebrated the 4th of July.  We started the morning by making white chocolate covered strawberries to make a strawberry flag….  Kinda.  The kids were big helpers.



We spent the afternoon playing outside with some friends.  This is our third year doing the 4th of July with them.  Here are pictures of Jace and Jack over the years (2015, 2016, 2017).



This year the kids played in the dirt, ate lots of yummy food (Luke was so excited about the corn on the cob!), played with water blasters, played in the pool, and played with the water rocket.



But the main event was the WATER BALLOONS.  They had so much fun!  And afterwards, Luke got control of the hose, so that was fun too.  They were all DRENCHED!  The video is a little long (just over a minute), but it’s cute.  And Jace is super sweet to Luke at the end.



4th of July Water Balloons – video

We opted for an afternoon picnic because we knew Luke wouldn’t want to be around fireworks.  After the picnic Luke took a nap and then we had our own mini-celebration in the backyard with ice cream cookie sandwiches and sparklers.



We ended the night by catching fireflies.  Luke loves when Jace catches a firefly and comes over to show him.  They watch together until the firefly flies away, then Luke shouts, “Bye!”  Very cute.  It was a fun 4th of July!




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