Ice Cream and Skinned Knees

The kids are just so much fun.  I really tried to have a low key week, but it just didn’t happen.  Our first “home” day was nice.  Relaxing.  Played with toys, played outside.  Fun.  Our second “home” day was okay, but we were all itching to do SOMETHING.  So by day three, we were out and about.  We did focus on doing some activities “just us” this week instead of with friends, which was really fun, but we saw a lot of friends too.  But it was a good week!

We spent most of our “home” days in jammies.  The kids watched the trash truck, did some coloring, we played with the firefighters and fire station, Adam and Jace mowed the front lawn, and, of course, we played with the hose.  Adam took a picture of Luke post-bath.  He’s not a huge fan of baths lately, so he wasn’t very happy.  The next morning, I turned my back for two seconds and both kids ended up STANDING ON THE TABLE.  They thought it was hilarious.

We picked some more cherries (a new variety too!) and then headed to Firetruck Park.  We got to use my new picnic blanket (which the kids and Jack thought was perfect for rolling/somersaulting across) and my new cooler.  And we spent the evening looking for fireflies.

They love each other!

We headed to the Nazareth Pool.  We went early so we could play at the park before going swimming.  I thought I’d take a picture of the kids before we started playing.  Jace looked so cute in his new swimsuit!  But Luke was NOT in the mood for a picture.  Oops!

We had an ice cream treat while we were there.  Cara managed to stay completely clean while eating her ice cream.  Jace and Luke?  Not so much!  But they sure were happy!

Lucky for me, the chlorine cleaned them both right up!  Nice!  And they were all smiles as we sat on our towels and waited to dry off before heading home.  So cute together!

Some random pictures….  We played in the tunnels, Luke climbed all over Jace, we had a sand art playdate with some friends and my kids spent the entire time playing with toys instead of doing the craft, we went to Kids Castle with Jonathan and Dylan, there was a pretty rainbow during a sun shower, so Jace and I played in the rain (with front-end loader), and Jace made a cool “creature house” at Kids Workshop.

The kids played hide and seek, practiced somersaults, and played with their car ramp.  Then they wanted to have outside popsicles, but it was raining a little.  Their solution?  Have me hold an umbrella!  Spoiled kids!  But I did it, so maybe they’re just smart kids!  After their popsicles, I went to get a birthday pedicure with my friend.  It was raining pretty hard on the drive over.  About the time we got our feet into the water, the power went out for the whole shopping area.  We got pedicures by the light of our cell phones.  Ridiculous!

The kids worked on some correspondence (ha!  Jace would pick a card, write in it, and seal it, then tell me what name to write on the front of the card – they’re getting dropped in the mail soon!), they hung out in a pretty floral garden – in the atrium of the mall in front of Kohl’s (but didn’t it look pretty?), they played with the hose again, and Luke caught his first lightening bug all by himself (he was so excited!).

The kids made fishie faces.

Luke and I hung out from 2-4am.  He skipped nap, so his nighttime sleep was off.  He wasn’t fussy and didn’t cry, but he was NOT going to stay in bed.  So we went downstairs.  I gave him a cracker and he sat on the couch, silently, with his uneaten cracker for 45 minutes straight, then asked to go back up to bed.  So strange!  When we got upstairs, he went right to bed.  And his sleep was back on track the next day.  Random!

Today, we went to Monocacy Park with Ella and Max.  The goal was to do a photo scavenger hunt.  We had checklists and the kids would find the items (a leaf, a bird, a flower, etc) and use our phones to take a picture.  The next step is to turn the pictures into a little book.  I’ll spare you the pictures, but my phone is currently pretty full of blurry rocks and leaves.  I think they had fun, though.  Highlights were the geese, the duck and duckling, and playing with the spray bottles.  The low point was the skinned knees.  Jace slipped and got his knee and his finger.  He was actually bleeding, so he wanted a bandaid.  As I focused on his knee, Luke tripped – hard – and skinned his knee.  He was bleeding a LOT.  I got them both cleaned up and calmed down and decided it was time for a break.  As we sat down for a snack, Max tripped and skinned his knee too!  So we had three boys with three skinned left knees.  Jace is doing fine now.  Luke has a pretty serious mark.  Poor guy.  But, Luke being Luke, he was all smiles anyways.

The scavenger hunters and spray bottles:

Geese and skinned knees:

We made it home in time for Luke’s nap, and Jace and I got a chance to play together for several hours.  So much fun!  When Luke woke up, I got a picture of the three animals, both kids, and myself all hanging out together on the deck.  And most of us are looking at the camera!  I also took a picture of the kids sampling the herb garden together.  And a picture of the kids reading together.  They’re the best.

And now, it’s time for bed!  Adam’s off work tomorrow for the 4th.  Yay!


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