A Lot of Videos

This post is all video.  And you’ll lose interest.  And that’s fine.  The videos are kinda long and kinda slow.  But I want these videos on the website anyways!  They’re very representative of our “now”.  And I like Jace’s voice.  And the kids laughing.  So, here ya go!

Fireflies! – video (0:24)
We went out looking for fireflies.  There weren’t a ton in our yard (too early), so we went on a walk to pass some time.  We brought Cuervo.  Luke was on the trike.  Jace took his bike.  When we were on the path, the fireflies were really out in force.  Jace is surprisingly good at catching fireflies.  I thought it was a cute video.

Bubbles – video (0:27)
Luke really likes bubbles.  Not sure why he’s sitting in a chair on a chair, but that’s okay.  His smile at the end is the typical Luke smile when he realizes there’s a camera pointed at him.  He’s so smiley with his five little teeth!

Scrunchie Nose and a Slap – video (0:14)
Luke was scrunchie nosing.  Jace thought it was hilarious.  Then Luke slapped him.  Not really sure why, but this was the start of Luke’s slapping phase.  We’re working on curbing it….

Bedtime Stories with Jace – video (1:51)
For a while, Jace really liked it when I would make up stories for him.  His favorite stories always involved people getting lost and then firefighters coming to the rescue.  We haven’t told stories like that in a while, but apparently it’s still fresh in his mind.  So here’s a bedtime story from Jace.  It started out okay, built some momentum, then everything deteriorated.  But I’m too lazy to edit the video right now.  And I don’t know where I’d cut it off anyways.  He got a little distracted talking about house numbers (he recently started searching out where house numbers are shown – on porches, on the garage doors, on the roof line, etc.).  And then Luke got a little bored with the story.  And Jace was clearly just stalling so he wouldn’t have to go to bed.  Oh well….!

Luke Dancing – video (0:47)
Luke likes to watch videos on my phone.  He doesn’t really like cartoons yet, but he loves watching 15 second videos of Jace or of himself.  I was tired of the same videos (over and over and over and OVER), so we recorded a video of Luke sitting with me while I sang the ABCs.  And he loves it.  When I play it, he dances.  Usually, when it ends, he claps (thought not this time).  And then, he grabs my hand and has me restart the video.

Playing Together – video (0:59)
This isn’t a super exciting video, but it’s pretty representative of the kids interacting with each other.  They’re cute together.  They laugh together.  And despite Luke swinging the bat for half the video, he never hits Jace.

Jace “Reading” a Story – video (4:03)
This one is long.  And it probably makes more sense if you know the pictures he’s looking at while he’s reading.  But it’s still fun.  And I like hearing Jace’s voice!  He’s reading “Darth Vader and Son” to Adam.  Since Darth Vader’s son is Luke Skywalker, Adam always refers to him as Luke.  So Jace refers to him as Baby Luke.  And he now thinks the book is about Baby Luke’s adventures with Darth Vader.  Cute.

And that’s it for videos for now.  Pictures from the week coming soon.


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