Fun in the Sun

We had a week of great weather.  And we took full advantage of it!

Monday – the kids played in the sink, Jace ate breakfast with Optimus Prime while watching Optimus Prime on his iPad, we played at a new park, went for a bike ride/stroller walk, looked at creatures on the bridge, Luke tried out Jace’s bike, we cooled down in the car, and we made it home just before it started pouring.  Since we had to stay inside all evening, we re-purposed the lawn mower box!

My favorite pictures from Monday.  Jace is such a good big brother!

Tuesday – we had a really fun playdate with Becky, Ella, and Max.  Our car was in the shop (inspection), so we walked to their house.  It was HOT.  Luke had a great time on the roller coaster, Jace loved the cupcakes, and Luke discovered ketchup (he would dip a chicken nugget, lick it clean, and dip it again – over and over).  On our walk home, the kids convinced me to stop at the park.  And so we did.  They had a great time dropping sticks in the grate.  By this point, it was too late for Luke to nap.  So we filled up the pool and played, then had popsicles.  I sent Adam to Weis for dinner and he took Luke on the trike – and he fell asleep!  Oops.  After his 5 minute nap, he was energized and stayed up til 10pm.  Ridiculous.

Wednesday – we went to Klein Farm with Jorie, Jonathan, and Dylan.  Despite there being ice cream, friends, and a huge playground, Jace and Luke were all about the animals this time.  We spent over an hour by ourselves with the cows.  Afterwards, we watered our garden (check out our hibiscus tree!), played with water balloons, and had a snack.

Wednesday night was movie night at Steel Stacks.  We sat down with Heather, Cara, and Matt, but the movie (Kubo and the Two Strings) was fairly dark and had a lot of loud sounds.  Luke was NOT happy.  And neither was Cara.  Jace was just completely uninterested in watching a movie (as usual).  Sooooo, we spent the first half of the movie running around on the grass and the second half of the movie walking around on the trestle.  I think they’re cool pictures.  Then we headed home and looked for fireflies.  The kids did their goodnight hugs (a nightly event) and then it was off to bed.

Thursday – cherry picking!  Again!  There was a new variety of cherries available for picking – Emperor Francis – so we had to try them out.  Heather and Cara came cherry picking too, then we headed to another new park for a picnic lunch.  Luke fell asleep the second we got in the car to head home, so Jace and I got some solo playing time – and we “shared” a blue and red popsicle.  That evening we decided to walk to the pool.  Good plan.  I got the kids in suits, got our towels and snacks and toys, and loaded up the stroller.  When we got there, the pool was closed for a swim meet.  Sigh.  A lot of other people were turned away too – the website had the wrong date posted for the meet.  Oops.  Sooooo, we jumped into the car and went to Nazareth to check out their pool.  It was a 20 minute drive and Jace – the kid who never naps – fell asleep in the car at 6pm.  Crazy!  I woke him up and after about 2 minutes, he was ready to splash.  And so we splashed!  It’s a fun pool.

Friday – we needed a day to recover!  Ha!  After a low key morning with the PAW Patrol pups, Heather and Cara came over.  We played while Luke napped and Jace taught Cara all about color mixing.  Then it was an early bedtime for Luke and Jace and I got a chance to play some with Spack Rock(et).

Saturday – hot and sunny, so naturally we started the day with water….  We played with the hose, watered the garden, and filled up the pool.  That afternoon, our neighbor stopped by with a birthday present for Jace – a super awesome remote controlled dump truck!  Very fun.  He loves it.  Then we headed to Kohl’s to do some returns and buy Jace some bigger clothes (he grew since last summer – ha).  Jace was so funny at Kohl’s – in the first picture, he’s showing me the “statue of a booty!” and in the second picture he’s hiding from me.  He hid again after that, but he somehow shimmied himself underneath a clothing display.  I had the hardest time finding him and he came out sooooo dusty.  Sneaky guy.  After shopping we got Rita’s (delicious) and Luke made Jace laugh by climbing on the car.  Jace and I finished the day by playing more Space Rock(et) – in the dark with green stars!

Sunday – we started the day with the new dump truck toy, naturally.  Then we moved on to the Talking Ginger app on the iPad – both kids were laughing soooo hard!  Finally, I was worried we’d wake Adam, so we headed outside (with the kids still in jammies!).  I thought we’d play in the driveway.  Luke grabbed the lawn mower and took off.  Jace grabbed the tool kit and took off.  I asked where they were going and they looked at me, Jace said “cookie club”, and they turned and kept walking!  Luke walked all the way to Weis.  Pretty impressive.  They stopped along the way to rest under a tree, fix the road, and mow the Wungle (Weis-Jungle).  When we got to Weis, they both agreed to hang out in a shopping cart, so they ate cookies, talked to the lobsters, and made each other laugh the whole time.  Cute.  We spent the rest of the day just hanging out – spent some time on the deck, played in the sandbox, Jace stood next to his sunflower plants in the garden (planted from seeds in preschool!), Jace proved that you don’t need water in the pool to have fun, both kids played with the stomp rocket, and Adam and I finished the evening with cherry pie.  Fun!

And that picture-intensive post sums up the week.  I promise not to make a habit of posting a day-by-day with this many pictures.  We have plans for a mellow week this week, so we will see how THAT goes!  The kids really do have fun together outside in our yard.  I’m so lucky they have such a good time playing together!


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