Father’s Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend!  On Saturday, we went back to the orchard to pick more cherries.  We flew through the 1.33 lbs of cherries we picked on Thursday, so on Saturday we picked 4.26 lbs.  We haven’t finished them, but we did put a pretty serious dent in the bag.  So yummy.  Plus, the whole orchard experience is really fun.

The trees didn’t have many cherries left on the tips of the lower branches (which is the only part Jace can reach on his own).  Next time, we’ll take a stepstool.  But for this trip, Jace solved the problem by climbing on Adam’s shoulders.  I liked all the facial expressions.

The next morning, Adam slept in while the kids and I played.  I told Jace it was Father’s Day.  He got soooo excited about taking Adam breakfast in bed.  I had planned to make cherry pancakes for breakfast, but Jace insisted on cherry pie.  So Jace, Luke, and I made cherry pie.  From our fresh cherries!  The kids were so cute.  I had a LOT of help.  With every single step.  The rolling pin was very popular.  Eventually, we had three 6″ cherry pies in the oven.  We toasted the extra pie dough, cut it into the shape of a heart, and drowned it in the extra cherry pie filling.  Jace was super excited to carry the plate up the stairs.

We walked into the room and he said, “Good morning, Daddy.  Happy Mother’s Day!”  Oops.  Adam said, “You mean Father’s Day.”  Jace stared at him blankly for a second, then said, “It was a joke.”  Good cover.  Ha.  He followed it up with, “We brought you a sharing pie!  Even you can have some of it!”  And so we all shared Adam’s breakfast in bed.

It was a low-key day.  We played on the deck, played with trucks, and went to Taco Bell for dinner (Adam’s choice!).  We finished the night with Menchies and then cherry pie.  Happy Father’s Day, Adam!


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