A Week of Fun

Last week was a big week!  Here are the highlights….

Saturday!  Gorgeous weather, so we headed to the farm to pick strawberries and peas.  Then we had popsicles (notice Jace’s blue tongue) and played outside with the stomp rocket (big hit!).

Sunday!  Apparently it was a low key day.  Luke gave the kitties a treat and went on a walk with the bubble lawn mower.

Spin, Spin, Spin – video
And the kids played in the spinning chair.  As always.

Monday!  We went to the Pop Jet Fountains at the outdoor mall.  So much fun!  Both kids had a great time running around in the water.  Not many pictures because I ended up soaked and couldn’t hang on to my phone.  Then they watched ants eat the crumbs from our picnic with friends.  On the walk back to the car, we found a painted rock.  It had a facebook group on the back – apparently painting and hiding rocks is a thing!  So we took the rock and we’re going to paint some and hide our own too.  Eventually.  The kids checked out every ant and flower on the walk back to the car.  Monday evening, Adam brought his work truck home so he could pick up a new lawn mower.  The kids thought the truck was awesome.  I know Luke looks like he’s falling over in the pictures, but he was just holding his arms up in the air (in triumph?).

An Amazing Trick – video
Jace showed off his spinning/jumping moves when we were getting into swimsuits for the Pop Jets – and requested I take a video.  So here it is!

Tuesday!  What a long day.  We played a tiny bit in the morning, then spent the ENTIRE day running errands.  DMV (new license – should have been a 10 minute stop but it took over 90 minutes), Social Security Office (to fix a typo – also should have been a 10 minute stop and also took over 90 minutes), the bank, returns, and more.  Not so fun, but the kids did great (look how cute they are in the chair at the bank!), though Luke did chew through the envelope that had all my important papers!  When we fiiiiinally got home, we headed to the park!

Wednesday!  We went to the park in the morning, had a picnic lunch, and went on a bike ride with friends (Jace led the way the whole time!).  We watched some ducks cross the street in front of us, did the Freeosk at Sam’s Club, and put decorative mushrooms in the garden.

Thursday!  The kids wore their boots on their hands for a while (“to be pups!”).  They were laughing soooo hard!  Then we went to the orchard to pick some cherries.  It was great weather, there were TONS of cherries on the trees, and we were the only ones out picking!  The three orchard attendants were great – they helped the kids reach cherries and listened to all of Jace’s stories.  After picking cherries, we played at Firetruck Park (for a long time!), had our picnic lunch, and headed home.  Then we went on a walk/bike ride to get food for dinner.  And we finished the evening with a plate of cherries.  Yummy!

Friday!  On Friday we went to Imagi Nation for Dino Day!  The kids used pipettes and hot water to “free” dinosaurs from chunks of ice, made dino-themed ice cream, played with the post office and with blocks, and spent a lot of time in the manufacturing room.

And THAT was our week!



One thought on “A Week of Fun

  1. I love all the pictures but can’t remember everything by the end!!! I really liked the slide pictures. Such a fun time.

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