Pinto Beans to IronPigs

June has been a big month already!  The amount of activities we’ve done in the past week is a little crazy….  But first, this post will cover the week and a half before our crazy last week!

Jace had his 4 year check up (he’s doing great) and both kids had their dental check ups.  Jace got x-rays (and did great) and Luke had his first dental exam (and hated it).  But both kids are healthy and have healthy teeth.  Hurray!  Jace’s new firetruck came to both appointments with us.  As did “creatures” (a spider and a tiny flying bug) that he found in the respective parking lots.  After both appointments, I asked the kids what they wanted to do as a treat afterwards.  The response?  Play in the car!  And so we did.

We got out the pinto beans.  What a mess!  Jace got a cement mixer for his birthday and needed something heavy to use in the drum.  Pompoms weren’t cutting it, so we opted for pinto beans.  And then our playroom was covered in pinto beans for several days.  Luke had a GREAT time throwing them around the house.  Jace had a great time rescuing the Paw Patrol pups from a pinto bean volcano.

The kids played with their giant piano – soooo much energy.

Jace showed off his handwriting (and spelling!), he and Adam cuddled up on the couch, the kids chased bubbles on the deck, they hung out on the couch together, they played with bubbles in the tub, and then they showed off matching tummies in their matching jammie shirts (?! I dunno, but Jace requested a picture!).

We spent an afternoon at Imagi Nation (and we were the only ones in the whole place!).

We had to take Cuervo for a check up, so we spent an afternoon next door at Chuck E. Cheese – with a preschool friend!

We had 20 minutes to burn before picking up Cuervo, so I thought we’d stop at the bank and order new checks.  Bad plan.  Poor Jace was running up the path to the door and tripped.  He caught himself with his hands, then tipped some more.  Owwwww.  Poor Jace!  We gave up on the checks and headed straight to Petsmart where we spent our 20 minutes staring at the fish.  Luke was entranced.  He would stare in silence and then SHRIEK in excitement.  So loud!

We checked out a new park with friends.  It has a “zipper” – you drag this suspended platform to the top of a little hill, then climb on and slide all the way to the other end.  Jace loved it!  There was also a kid-friendly culvert to explore.  Fun, fun.

Random pictures – a picture I forgot to post from the fishing tournament, Luke showing off his climbing skills (seriously, you turn around and he’ll be on top of the box of pinto beans on top of the table, sigh!), Jace knocked out his birthday thank you cards, Jace gave his pups check ups – and bandaids with their own pictures on them!, and we played in the sandbox with the trucks.

We tried Hello Fresh – and it’s really fun!  Adam cooked some super fancy and delicious meals for us.

We spent a loooong afternoon at the park.  Luke’s starting to get the hang of the slides.

Luke on the Slide – video

We spent another afternoon at a different park.

We went to a movie in the park at Steel Stacks.  It was fun!  It was the first movie for Jace.  We saw The Secret Life of Pets.  It started at 7:30pm.  Jace watched a decent amount of it, then ran around off to the side with his friend Cara.  It was great weather for a movie in the park.  And aren’t the kids cute in their camp chairs?!

And lastly – Jace and I went on a baseball date!  Baby Luke stayed home with Daddy and Jace and I went to the IronPigs game.  We shared all kinds of fun snacks, played catch on the grassy hill, watched Hambone win his first Pork Race of the season (“cheer for your favorite meat!”), sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and watched some fireworks.  Fun!


One thought on “Pinto Beans to IronPigs

  1. Such full fun days. You and Adam are giving these two kids a wonderful childhood. So much fun and love. Xoxo

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