Fish and Butterflies

For his birthday, Jace got a cup of caterpillars.  It’s cooler than it sounds….  It came with a whole butterfly hatching kit.  We watched the caterpillars grow for a week or so (and you could actually see them growing over the course of a single day), then they formed their chrysalises, then 10 days later, they emerged as butterflies!  Here are some pictures.

The kids were pretty into it.  So were the cats….  We had one near-disaster when we left the newly emerged butterflies alone in the house.  Cody discovered them, pulled their entire “house” onto the floor, and sat on top of it.  No good!  Luckily, the butterflies seemed to have survived that encounter.  They lived in the guest room after that.  With the door closed.  The butterflies didn’t move much in the guest room, but as soon as we would take them outside to the sunshine, they’d flap their wings and fly all over the place!  That caught Claire’s attention, but we were there to keep her in line….!

The butterflies were SO active today, that Jace and I decided they probably wanted to be free.  So we released them “to the wild”.  Jace was adorable.  He said goodbye to all the butterflies, told them it was nice to meet them and he liked being their friend, and told them to enjoy “the wild”.  With plenty of anticipation, we unzipped the top of the butterfly house.  And…. Nothing happened.  Those butterflies didn’t move!  It took some coaxing, but eventually we got three of them to fly off on their adventure.  The other two took a LOT of coaxing.  Jace kept telling them to “prepare for take off” and then he’d do a countdown.  And nothing would happen.  Finally he started helping the butterflies out of their home with his fingers.  He actually got a butterfly to land on him for a little bit!  And eventually all of our butterflies made their way to the wild.

Here are FOUR butterfly videos.  They’re short.  And Jace’s dialogue is my favorite part.

Active Butterflies – video

Butterfly Pep Talk – video

Countdown to Take Off – video

Flying to the Wild! – video

As for the fish….  Last weekend Adam’s company had their annual kids fishing tournament.  This is the first year that Jace actually fished!  In years past, he’s had a great time throwing rocks and playing with his 2′ Spiderman fishing rod.  But this year, he had a real fishing rod (that he won last year) and real bait (nothing was biting with Power Bait, so Luke and I went to the bait shop for worms!).  For the first half of the tournament, the kids wandered around, threw rocks, found tons of creatures (they’re so into bugs!), “fished” for sodas for Grandpa (even though he’d flown back to Alaska a few days before), and ate a bunch of snacks.

For the second half of the tournament, Jace did some serious fishing.  AND HE CAUGHT TWO FISH!!!!  His first one was a Sun Fish.  His second was a 4″ trout.  He was so excited!

The kids both won tackle boxes and a football (Luke) and a soccer ball (Jace) during the prize drawing.  It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.  Here’s a short video of Jace catching his first fish.

Jace Caught a Fish – video

And here are pictures of Jace with his two fish!


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