Late April

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for most of the month of May.  Which was awesome.  We did tons of fun stuff.  And I did not work or post.  Sooooo, I’ve been trying to catch up on everything.  So here’s catch up post #1 of about a zillion.  These pictures are from late April/super early May.

Luke was still recovering from the bump on his head, so there are a couple of pictures of Luke’s forehead….  He’s all healed up now.

The kids have been loving the sandbox.  I thought Luke’s smile was cute.  Jace is playing with “crane” – one of his favorite toys.  Yes, it’s a mop.


Luke climbs.  Everything.  It’s ridiculous.  I don’t get pictures of the really exciting climbs because I’m too busy rushing to grab him….

When we walk to Wegmans, we pass a speed sign on the way home.  It’s red when a car is driving to fast and green when a car is at/under the speed limit.  It’s always a fun thing to stop and watch.  We clap when cars make the sign turn green.  New twist – Jace now yells at the cars that make the sign turn red – “TOOO FAST!”  Makes me laugh, but probably not the best pastime for us….!

We had a really fun playdate at Jonathan and Dylan’s house.  The kids played in the bounce house, the boys tried to get Jace to play Pie Face (he refused!), and Luke thought it was hilarious when Jonathan, Dylan, and Jace dressed up in various superhero costumes – he especially liked the Ninja Turtle mask!

And a few random pictures.  Jace playing with his garbage truck, both kids “practicing” getting sodas from the fridge for Grandpa (Jace’s idea!), Jace carrying the groceries home from Weis, Luke on the deck (he loves to be outside), and Luke playing with mulch at the park.

And lastly (for now), pictures of Jace and Luke playing together.  They really are friends.  It’s pretty awesome.

So, this catches me up through May 1st.  More soon.  Ish!


One thought on “Late April

  1. Yay for Grandpa and Grandma. So nice to have such a long visit. Jace is very smart to refuse pie face….what an awful game! Luke loves his big bro and big bro loves little bro. Yay!

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