Party Time!

Today was Jace’s birthday party!  We tried to have the party last week, but it was pouring rain.  Turns out that waiting a week was totally worth it.  Today was gorgeous!  And the birthday boy was adorable and happy.

We had his party at Fire Truck Park.  I tried to get some decent pictures, but it really didn’t work out….  Those kids were in almost constant motion.  And when they weren’t running around, Luke was climbing.  Luke spent most of the party clinging to me.  Poor guy is still working on those new teeth.

I tried for some group shots when the kids were eating pizza.  Luke sat at the table with the big kids and was pretty excited about it.

Jace wanted to invite the firefighters to his party.  So we did.  And they showed up!  They gave all the kids plastic firefighter helmets.  It was cute to see so many kids running around Fire Truck Park with fire helmets on their heads!  Then, when the firefighters headed out (they had an event at the local high school), they turned on the lights and sirens on the trucks.  It was quite exciting.

Finally, it was time for cake!  The wind had picked up a little, so we couldn’t really get the candles to stay lit.  Jace hid behind his fire helmet for most of the Happy Birthday song, but he popped out all smiles when we finished singing.  And he pretended to blow out candles.  We really tried to get them lit!

Jace showed off his new skill – he can do the fire pole all by himself!  He was pretty proud and excited.  After all his friends headed home, I tried to get Jace into the car.  He insisted on one last rescue.  There was another little girl at the park who kept dropping her stuffed animal and Jace would rush to the rescue.  Cute.

When we got home, it was time to open presents!  Jace got a ton of fun stuff.  His favorite is a realllly cool HESS Emergency Vehicle.  It has lights, sounds, an extending ladder, AND a mini rescue vehicle inside a secret compartment.  It’s pretty awesome.  We played with it a lot today – in the light AND in the dark.  Jace also got a fire “hose” with a water pack.  It was fun to try outside, although it leaks so much that he ended up soaked.

So!  Details about the party in case I’m curious sometime in the future….

Guests!  Our usual group of friends (Jonathan/Dylan/Jorie, Daphne/Maria, Jack/Cassie, Cara/Heather, Ella/Max/Becky) and some of Jace’s preschool friends (Jack/Sara, Carter/Erin, Griffin/Madison/Doreen, Nolan/Monica, Lily/Sherry).  A total of 26 people (11 moms, 12 4-year-olds, 3 little siblings).

Food!  We had a cooler full of Capri Suns and water bottles, a huge box of snack size bags of chips (kids loved them, but each only took one bag, so I have lots left), we ordered a ton of pizzas (5 of them, double cut, and we were left with almost 3 full pizzas), a cooler of ice pops, and cake!

Goodie Bags!  We gave out cute bags with tupperware containers of homemade slime, Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, pinwheels, and firefighter/dalmation notepads that had firefighter name badges tied to the outside with 12″ tubes of bubbles.

Location/Hours/Etc.!  We went to Fire Truck Park, the party started at 11am, everyone we invited showed up, the party was over by 1:30pm, the weather was great, and the coolers of drinks and ice pops were very popular.  Having the party at the park was awesome because set up/clean up were minimal, the kids LOVED the park, and I didn’t have to clean the house!  There were almost no other kids at the park (there never are at this park for some reason) and I think everyone had a really fun time playing.

Jace spent the vast majority of his time running around with Griffin and Carter (two preschool friends.  I think he had a great 4th birthday party!


One thought on “Party Time!

  1. Santa vaca!!! What a party! I’ve never had that many friends. So cute and the park idea is total winner. Interesting to see the preschool friends mixing with the group friends! I bet Jace will remember this party when he’s 20! Xoxoxoxo

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