A Rough Week for Luke

Poor Luke!  He could definitely use all the nice thoughts anyone felt like sending his way….  It’s been a rough week capped by a really rough day.  Luke had his 15 month check up, which he hated, last Monday (almost two weeks ago).  The doctor determined that Luke’s lip is still stuck between his teeth (over a month now) and that Luke has thrush.  He prescribed an antibiotic (which Luke hates).  Luke also was due for shots.  He got the chicken pox shot in his left arm.  No reaction.  8 days later, he has a huge, warm, red lump on his arm.  I called the doctor and they had us come in right away.  Turns out it’s a staph infection.  So they prescribed another antibiotic, which Luke also hates.  Then, the worst part of all, by far, yesterday Luke was sitting on his trike and I ABANDONED HIM to help Jace untangle his kite.  Luke wanted to come with me because he’s sweet and adorable and loves me, but I’d left him alone five feet away.  So he lunged for me.  And tipped his trike.  And crashed, head first, into the driveway.  Super hard.  It was horrible.

Huuuuuge lump.  Lots of tears.  Horrible.  Then, I tried to ice his head.  Which he hated.  And it made him cry even more.  Jace was wonderful.  See the picture of Luke smiling?  Jace was singing songs and playing peek-a-boo and offering toys.

So, after this horrible, horrible, horrible head-smashing event, we tried to have a low-key evening.  Adam was out racing go-karts (work party), so the kids and I had dinner on the back deck.  Jace kept grabbing ice packs for me from the freezer – and he saw the big bag of ice we had in there.  So we got that out and Jace got to smash ice with the meat tenderizer.  We made some (delicious) rock salt ice cream.  Luke seemed happy and relatively okay.  Things were going pretty well.

Luke hasn’t had much cows milk yet, but he was liking the ice cream.  Then I gave him his antibiotics.  Then I gave him a bath.  Then I subjected him to more ice on the head.  He wasn’t crazy about most of the late-evening activities.  He was 95% asleep when he threw up.  No good!  I got him cleaned up (a little) and calmed down, then called the doctor.  The doctor said since it was an isolated incident, it might have been due to the antibiotic, the milk, or the crying.  He recommended sleep and told me to call back if anything changed.  I hung up, Luke was asleep in my arms, so I moved him to a different (clean) bed.  And as soon as I set him down, he threw up again.  No good!  I called the doctor back.  It took forever for the doctor to call me back this time.  The doctor said I could take him to the ER or I could wait one more time and see if he got sick again.  Luke was running around the room with Jace, acting fine, so we waited.  He went to sleep eventually (dragged the mattress from the guest bed into our room while I got all the other sheets in the wash).  And he slept well all night.

He seemed okay today.  We took him to the doctor and the doctor said he’s “concussed” and we need to take it super easy for at least a week.  Which is hard because Luke’s favorite activities are leaping, climbing, and running.  This afternoon, the kids played outside.  Luke holds no ill-will towards the trike, apparently.  And he was happy to follow his big brother around the yard.  The kids dug in the dirt, fed crackers to ants, and chased bugs.

It’s just awful though.  Poor Luke!  And now I’m hyper-aware of any wobbling or strange behavior.  Plus, Luke seems determined to keep hitting his head.  Crawls head-first off the bed (12″ off the ground), bonks his head on the window looking at birds, falls while he’s chasing Jace, walks into the edge of the forehead-height table.  It’s constant.  So – positive thoughts are appreciated.  Very much.

Lastly, here are two cute pictures from this morning.  The first thing Luke wants to do each day is go outside.  It was warm this morning, so we headed out on the deck.  Luke climbed (of course) into the tall (of course) chair and relaxed.  I love his pose!  He likes to sit in the chair and watch for airplanes or birds.  When he sees one, he shouts and points (see picture 2).  Super cute.  He’s wonderful.


One thought on “A Rough Week for Luke

  1. I feel so bad for Luke!! It seems, though that all of the trauma of the last several days has not dampened his spirits. I love the pictures of him playing with Jace and pointing at the birds in the sky. Both of your little ones seem like typical “rough and tumble” boys. Fun to see but a handful to take care of. I’m sending all of my good thoughts to all of you!

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