The kids got haircuts!  They needed them.  Look at my handsome boys!

After haircuts, we went to Moe’s for dinner.

Earlier in the week(s?), Jace decided we needed to go to the store for watermelon and square cheese.  Luke rode the trike.  Jace pulled the wagon with his doggies.  He stopped occasionally to let them smell the dandelions.  Cute!  So – at Wegmans, they give kids slices of white American cheese from the deli counter.  But Weis is closer, and Jace wanted cookie club, so we headed to Weis.  We got a watermelon and some cheese from the deli counter.  On our walk home we discovered something terrible – white American cheese from Weis has HOLES in it!  Oh no!  Jace kept saying “I don’t want Swiss cheese.”  Despite my best efforts, he couldn’t be convinced that the cheese was actually white American.  So we walked directly to Wegmans to buy some “better” cheese.  And then we went home for a cheese and watermelon snack.  Good combo.

When Jace is in preschool, I try to spend some focused time with Luke.  Last week we went to the park together – and had a great time!  He pointed at airplanes, found some sticks, and a did a lot of exploring.

He’s such a cute and happy guy!

This Tuesday it was much colder outside.  It was “hat day” at preschool so Jace wore his fire hat.  He also took a rainbow bottle we made (with hair gel!) for show and tell.  They’ve been focusing on a different color each week and are now onto rainbows.  He was so excited to show his class!  Luke and I opted for open gym time instead of the park (brrr).  Then we headed home for some kitty time, drawing, and playing.  We picked Jace up and he insisted on going to the park.  So cold!  But it was fun for a tiny amount of time.  Then we headed home to warm up!

I wrote this post last night.  I thought I’d have time tonight to add pictures from today….  But it’s almost 2:30am, so apparently I do not.  More later!


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