I Take Too Many Pictures

We’ve had a busy few weeks – and I don’t even take pictures of all of it – but I still have a ton of “good” pictures in my folder to post….  In the interest of getting caught up on posting, here are some big picture collages.

Jace and I went to Daphne’s birthday party (he had a great time), Adam took the kids to Kids Castle, and we had some play dates with friends (had Lily over for the first time!).

We’ve had fun hanging out at the house.  Jace uses his swiffer as a crane/fire hose all the time, inside and out.  Both kids have been liking the chalkboard table.  Pancake muffins, standing in frying pans, playing in the sink, and more.

The kids love the pets – and they especially like giving the pets treats.  Someone asked Jace what our pets names were and he said “Cuervo the Punky Dog, Clairabelle, and Codariah”.

We’ve been spending as much time outside as we can.  Both kids LOVE being outside.  We play in the sandbox….

We play with the water table (surprise – Luke can climb into the water table!)….

We play on the back deck….

We play in the front yard….  Bubbles, checking the mail, stunk rockets :), walks, and mowing the lawn.

And we definitely play in the dirt!

These pictures needed a little more explanation….  Picture one:  Luke’s morning routine: climb on the tote to look out the window, bring me his shoes, and pull me to the front or back door.  Doesn’t matter if it’s 5:15am, 40F, or raining.  Luke wants to go outside.  Picture two:  When I say no (because it’s 5:15am, 40F, or raining), he’s not very happy.  Picture three:  Jace likes to go outside too.  When I say no because it’s too cold, Jace brings me coats.  And then we go outside in the cold.  Picture four:  When I say no because it’s raining, Jace brings me the umbrella.  And then we go outside in the rain.  Picture five:  Jace usually shares.  But sometimes Luke isn’t patient enough to wait his turn.  He’s very dramatic when he lays down on the ground to sulk.  Picture six:  When I suggest not going outside until we get shoes, Jace asks why.  When my excuse is that it will be cold on our feet without shoes, he improvises.  It’s not cold when they’re sitting on the play couch.

We’ve had some fun picnics lately.  The first picture is Jace running from preschool to the park.  He just takes off!  Next are pictures of the kids playing, Jace eating snack with Lily, and then Jace and his friends “feeding the alligator”.  They like to drop rocks and snacks through the grate in the drainage ditch.  There’s water down there, so the items  disappear below the surface of the water – which clearly means the alligator ate them!  It’s cute because now when we go to the park, Jace likes to check on the alligator – and he always says bye to him when we’re leaving.  Lastly, Luke usually conks out on our walk home from the park.  It’s great that he can push his nap back far enough for us to have our picnic on sunny days!

More pictures.

We went to IKEA.  And after IKEA we had a super successful family dinner out at Cracker Barrel.  Both kids were awesome!

The trash truck is a huge hit every week.

And it’s finally starting to feel like spring.  The trees are gorgeous – all flowers!  And our backyard is relatively dandelion free, though given what our neighbors yards look like (see the picture), I figure we’ll have tons of dandelions soon!

And that’s probably enough for now.  More soon.  I saved my favorite pictures from the past weeks for the next post.



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