We had a great Easter!  Over a week ago….  Oops.

Pre-Easter we had our Bunny Brunch, had several egg hunts, made Easter presents for our two favorite neighbors (Jace made wreathes and we made lots of treats together), Jace ate Peeps on a Stick, and we played with a new Easter sticker book.

Jace and I colored Easter eggs while Luke napped.  Jace was excited about the boiling water/shrink wrap bands – and he had a good time with stickers – but his favorite part was dipping the eggs and guessing what color they were going to be.  He’s very into color mixing.  And his eggs turned out gorgeous (and he looks so cute in that last picture!)!

A few eggs got a little cracked during their color dips, so Adam suggested he and Jace both eat an egg as a snack.  Jace was pretty excited to try it.  And then pretty disgusted once he bit into the egg!

The Easter Bunny came while the kids were sleeping.

The next morning Luke was up EARLY.  I tried to keep him away from the Easter stuff, but that was impossible.  Luke had a great time finding eggs and cracking them open.  I followed him around refilling them and putting them back.  Haha.  At one point, Luke saw Claire on the couch and headed over to say hi.  Then he saw an egg on the window sill behind her.  He opted for the egg over Claire – and climbed on top of her to get to it.  She wasn’t thrilled.  After searching for eggs and playing on the slides, Luke helped me make some bunny pancake bites for breakfast.

After waiting for Jace to wake up for over two hours, Luke finally got curious about his Easter basket.  He loved the airplane fan!  His face is soooo cute!

FINALLY, Jace woke up.  He checked out his basket – the airplane fan was a hit here, too – and then he and Luke went around collecting eggs.

We had some breakfast, the kids climbed on Adam, we discovered Easter baskets on the front porch (!), the kids played with their new toys, and Jace ran around (and slid down the slide) with both airplane fans and pretended they were his jets!

It was a beautiful day, so we spent the afternoon outside.  The kids wore their new outfits.  They played with the new bubble machine, helped Adam dig the stone border out of the garden, and played in the dirt.

Luke and I walked to Wegmans to buy some french bread for dinner.  We also picked up two chocolate Cadbury eggs.  We told Jace we had another egg for him to eat and he seemed genuinely scared.  But the chocolate egg went over much better than the hardboiled egg!  And THAT was our Easter!

Here are my favorite pictures from our Easter.


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