The Bunny Brunch

We hosted a Bunny Brunch recently.  It was so much fun!  We had fun bunny snacks, our friends brought more bunny-themed snacks to share, we had Easter candies in little gift boxes, we had decorations, we had a paint-your-own bunny bag craft, and, of course, we had an egg hunt.

As usual, once we had 9 kids running around, things were total chaos.  Here’s a before picture and a “during” picture.  Jace was hiding in the before picture.  See if you can find him.  😉

The kids seemed to have a great time playing.  The car carriers, the fire fighter hats, and the play house were the biggest hits this time.  And the food, of course!

It was gorgeous weather for an egg hunt.

I got some pictures of all of our friends.

I think everyone had a great time.  And we even got a group picture!


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