Jello Jigglers, Stunk Rockets, and TALL Kids!

Happy Birthday, Adam!  We celebrated Adam’s birthday this week with a picnic at the playground (no pictures of the picnic, oops).  Jace and I made Adam a jello poke cake.  We even had a fancy flower candle that sparked, spun, and sang happy birthday (for 18 hours straight).  Everyone enjoyed some cake, then it was time for presents.  Jace was sooo excited to give Adam his presents – and open them for him.  He prefaced each present with “here is a present for you, it’s a remote control for downstairs so you can play video games!” and “here is a present for you, it is a Ninja Turtle that I painted!”  No surprises with Jace!

Since the weather was so nice, Jace rode his balance bike over to the park for Adam’s birthday picnic.  Luke rode the trike.  Jace still mostly just walks with the balance bike, but occasionally he glides a little – and it’s captured in this video!

Balance Bike – video

We had some extra jello from the jello poke cake, so Jace and I made jello jigglers.  Jace loves to eat jello jigglers – but can’t quite figure out how to SAY “jello jigglers”.  It’s cute!  Here’s a video from Easter last year and then a video from this year!

Jello Jigglers – video (2016)

Jello Jigglers 2.0 – video (2017)

The weather has been so nice and warm, so we’ve spent a lot of time on our deck.  The kids love their chairs.  Jace built a propeller and pretends to be a helicopter outside.  Jace and Adam raked the yard in preparation for our Bunny Brunch, and today Jace poured some sand on the back deck so he and Luke could play with the construction vehicles.  Our sand table is still on the front porch – apparently we need to move it to the back porch ASAP!

Since the weather has been so nice, we’ve had the windows open quite a bit.  Which is a good thing, because apparently our brand new AC unit is broken.  Sigh.  But the kids had fun watching the repair guy come check it out, they watched the painter paint our kitchen and bathroom, they watched the carpet cleaners next door, there have been lots of big deliveries to our neighbors – that come on big trucks.  It’s been an exciting time to watch out the window!  And the cats have loved having the open windows too.

Kitty Treats for Cody – video
Jace decided Cody deserved a treat this morning.  We had a sample pouch of kitty food that Cody was so excited to try.  And Jace was so excited to feed him!

One of Adam’s presents arrived in a folded cardboard box.  While I was in the kitchen, Jace got some markers and turned the box into an airplane.  And we’ve been going on flights ever since!  It’s pretty awesome, actually.  He drew buttons and a throttle and windows.  He takes the stuffed doggies on adventures.  He even has landing gear that he deploys when we’re coming in for landing.  I love his imagination!

The fire hats from Firetruck Park have continued to be super popular this week.

Since we’re cleaning up the outside toys, we got out the umbrellas for the water table and sand table.

Some more random pictures – the infamous jello jigglers, Jace and Luke playing kitchen, Jace’s first day of t-ball, Jace playing at the sink, the kids laughing together, Luke with the play drill (I don’t know if he’s teething or what, but Luke loves to bite on the drill while it’s spinning – yikes!), and Jace the Bunny.

Luke recently learned how to spin himself in circles.  Now they spin together.  And laugh and laugh and laugh (see the video!)!

Dizzy Boys! – video

The kids recently got some really fun toys as an early Easter present.  While Jace loved all of his presents, including the bubble wrap, the highlight (for now), is the Stunk Rocket.  Stunk Rocket?  Yeah.  It’s a stunt plane.  But all things that you launch are rockets, apparently, and despite how many times I say the word stunT, Jace always repeats stunK.  So, stunk rockets.

Lastly – the kids are getting so TALL!  And I have picture proof!  Example 1 – We were at the park the other day, and Jace could reach the drinking fountain all on his own!  Last year I had to give him a boost or he had to stand on his trike.  But not this year!  Example 2 – Luke can reach the light switches on the stairs!  He’s quite excited about this.  There has been lots of light flickering.  Example 3 – Jace and I were trying to put glow in the dark stars on his ceiling.  I could stand on his bed, and on my tiptoes, and barely get them to stick.  I said we’d need a chair to press them firmly to the ceiling.  Jace assured me he was tall enough to help – and he was!  Example 4 – Luke can OPEN DOORS!  Jace’s room is the only one with this type of doorknob, but Luke is officially tall enough to reach the handle.  And he really likes walking in and out and in and out, opening and closing the door each time, of course.  LOOK HOW BIG THEY’RE GETTING!  Taller and sweeter every day!


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