The Boys – Together

And now some together pictures!

Luke loves raiding the fridge.  And delivering items one-by-one to his big brother.

The kids were pirates together.  Then “fixer-mechanics”.  They played in (and around) the playhouse.  And they climbed up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs.

They took turns pushing each other around on the toy car.

They played with the train, played in the sink (sharing a chair!), and played on the piano.

They’re so cute together!

And a few videos….

Firefighter Skills – video
Jace wanted to show off his “super firefighter” skills.  And he did!  “Super firefighter speed!  Super firefighter muscle!  Super firefighter car speed!  And super firefighter popping lawnmower!  And super firefighter spin tricks!”

Firefighter Breakdancing? – video
And then he did some…. breakdancing?  He’s an awesome firefighter.

Peek-a-Boo with Luke – video
I love Luke’s laugh!

Luke’s First Popsicle – video
Jace loves popsicles.  Generally speaking, all the popsicles in the box belong to Jace.  The other day we had two left in the box, so Jace graciously offered one to Luke.  Luke had never had a popsicle, but it sounded good, so we went for it.


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