The Boys – Individual Pictures

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Here are some Jace-centric highlights from the past few weeks.  I found a chocolate surprise egg at the store.  When I gave it to Jace, he was very excited.  Then he said, “Take a picture of me being so surprised!”  So I did!  Jace got a car carrier toy, so we have been spending lots of time playing monster trucks/car carrier lately.  We recently discovered SnapChat.  I don’t really know how to use it, but sometimes I turn it on just so Jace can play.  The next picture is pretty dark, but it’s a picture of Jace sleeping with his tape measure.  Cute.  One morning Jace woke up in the mood for pancakes.  Fine.  He wanted “exciting” pancakes, so we made quarter sized purple and blue pancakes.  That’s exciting, right?  Apparently that wasn’t the “exciting” that Jace was hoping for.  He ate half of them, then asked that we try again.  I guess his idea of “exciting” is white pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse, with a ton of sprinkles dumped on top.  He was happy.  The next two pictures are Jace in his doctor coat.  He’s a very serious doctor.  He writes in his notebook to indicate where his patients are injured, then applies bandaids.  Liberally.  🙂

Since we’ve been having some warmer weather, we’ve been spending more time outside.  Jace decided my salad utensils would be excellent tools for digging in the garden.  And they were.  I got behind on laundry, so Jace was forced to wear clothes he doesn’t usually wear – including a pair of jeans!  It’s the first time he’s worn jeans in over a year.  He’s been on a popsicle kick lately, and he’s always excited to see what color his tongue ends up….  He’s excited about our new, spinning Easter toys.  He’s been playing a lot with blocks.  Our bird feeder broke (it’s like the glue was water soluble or something, because the whole thing just fell apart!), so Jace got a chance to paint our new bird feeder.  It started out with big areas of bright colors.  Then he got into color mixing.  There is a LOT of paint on this bird feeder.  It’s been popular with the birds already!

And now some Luke-centric pictures.  First up, a picture of Luke eating toast.  Because isn’t that how everyone eats toast?  Haha.  Plus, Luke wandered around with the toast for a good 15 minutes – with Cuervo a step behind the entire time.  Next, some picture of Luke playing with construction vehicles (a favorite).  Then some pictures playing with blocks.  And then some pictures playing with the t-balls.  Luke likes to pick up both t-balls at the same time, then throw them.  Cute, cute, cute.

Continuing with the behind on laundry/wearing “new” clothes theme, Luke ended up in overalls.  And looked adorable!  He also wore a firefighter hat a lot this week.  Jace loves all things firefighter.  Luke tried some pasta.  He’s pretty open to tastes and textures, but he still doesn’t eat much during meal times….  And we recently got out the slide again.  And Luke loves it!

Luke has almost no interest in TV or the iPad.  I got the kids set up with drinks, snacks, and Octonauts and tried to run upstairs to gather the laundry.  They looked happy when I left the room, but within 2 minutes, Luke was calling for me from the bottom of the stairs.  Aren’t they cute on their couches though?!

Jace is funny when it comes to TV.  If it’s a good show, he’s happy to watch several episodes.  And he loves his iPad.  But he doesn’t love his iPad when Adam’s not home.  Yesterday we were all going to go pick up our Friday night pizza.  Jace had gotten out the iPad and a snack the second Adam got home from work.  And when we were ready to leave, he was asleep at the table.  Adam decided to go get the pizza on his own.  As the garage door closed, Jace jumped up from the table with all the energy in the world.  I suggested watching iPad.  Jace suggested I take a picture of him standing on the back of the couch “doing this”.  So that’s what we did.

And lastly, here are two videos of Luke giving high fives.  He’s so happy!

High Five with Luke and Jace – video

High Fives with Daddy – video


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