15 Months!

Luke is 15 months old today.  And soooo adorable!

Here are his 3, 6, 9 and 12 month pictures.

And here are some 15 month pictures.  I like the last picture with all four of his little teeth showing!

Highlights from today?  Luke learned how to open the baby gate at the top of the stairs (sigh!).  The neighbors had someone out powerwashing their house.  Luke is back to thinking it’s hilarious to look at people upside down and between his feet.  And Jace mastered the art of using the ladder from his firetruck to launch his firefighters.  He thinks it’s really funny.

The kids also spent a decent amount of time playing “pirate ship”.  They flip the slide upside down, then ride “in” it.  Climbing the upside down ladder is equivalent to climbing the mast, I think.  The first two pictures illustrate the fact that it’s nearly impossible for me to get both kids to look at the camera at the same time.  Plus, every time I tried to take a picture, Jace would attempt to close one eye and shout, “Ahoy, matey!”  (See pictures 4 and 5).

But the big activity for the day was our first trip of the year to FIRETRUCK PARK!  And it didn’t disappoint.  We spent almost three hours at the park.  The kids drove the firetruck, climbed ladders, rode dalmatians (Jace had his lasso arm going), sounded the alarm, ran up and down on the hill, and got “shiny, red fire hats” from the volunteer fire department right next door.

Then they played on the swings together (so nicely!), spent some more time driving the firetruck, and even got to see a firetruck go by from the deck when we got home.  Fun, fun, fun.

Swinging at Firetruck Park – video
I like this video because the very beginning captures a tiny bit of Luke singing his “theme song”.  I’ll try to get a better video later.  When he was little we used to sing “Baby Shark” to him all the time.  We’d use his name, Jace’s name, our names, the names of the pets, everything.  Over and over.  We hadn’t done it in a while, but recently, LUKE has started singing it!  Cute!



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