Sunshine and IronPig(let)s

It’s IRONPIGS time!  Jace has been so excited about going to see the IronPigs play.  On Friday, we went to buy tickets for Adam as an early birthday surprise.  While we were there, we picked up the IronPiglet packets for the kids.  The toy this year is a FeRROUS Pillow Pet.  Both boys got comfy with their pillows in the car – Luke even fell asleep!

When Luke woke up, Jace decide we should play outside.  It was kinda cold – and pretty windy – but we persevered.  Luke was all over the place.  This is one of the first days he’s really gotten to explore outside since he learned to walk (it was too hard for him to move in the snow).  He was drawn to the street, of course.  After a bit of sweeping, Jace decided he wanted to go for a bike “ride”.  I couldn’t keep an eye on both kids, so I went to the garage for the stroller – and I saw the trike!  YAY FOR THE TRIKE!  Jace was happy on his bike and Luke looooved the trike.  Luke even figured out the bell!

Saturday was 10 degrees warmer than Friday.  We spent the afternoon outside working in the yard and playing in front of the house.  The kids dug in the dirt, found some flowers, and played with bubbles.  Jace asked if it was warm enough for the sandbox and was very excited when we said yes!  Luke ate a few handfuls of sand, then tried to ride the donkies on the porch.  Ha.

And of course, there was more trike riding.

A few other pictures from the weekend….  Luke’s been into everything!  He learned how to open juice boxes – all over himself and the carpet.  This morning he got into the fridge.  He wandered away, so I didn’t think much of it.  When I looked up, he was just casually standing at the back window, holding a raw egg.  I took the raw egg away, and Luke dragged me to his shoes, tried to put them on, then pulled me to the front door.  He REALLY wanted to go outside.  But it was still only 35F!  I distracted him by letting him give Cuervo a milkbone.  Then I turned my back to make some breakfast.  He was suspiciously quiet, and when I look at him, he was covered in raw egg!  I keep trying to clean up the playroom (what a mess!), but Luke is everywhere lately!

Jace, on the other hand, was super happy with his ice cream sundae, had a great time digging in the garden, and has been teaching Luke how to drive the firetruck shopping cart at Weis.  Tonight, Jace read us all a story on the back deck after dinner.

Lastly, we headed to the IronPigs game today!  They had a double-header (make up from Thursday’s rainout), which worked perfectly for our nap schedule.  We had great seats right behind home plate.  We’d been at the park about 5 minutes before Jace asked for a hot dog.  And it was another 2 minutes before he asked to head to the playground.  And so we did!

After the playground closed (one inning before the end of the game), we headed to the grassy hill.  And Jace LOVED it!  He ran up and down the hill, then tried rolling.  Fun, fun, fun.  Luke liked the hill, though he couldn’t figure out how to walk – or sit – on such a steep incline.

After the game, it was time for kids to run the bases.  Jace posed under a bacon sign, then we headed onto the field.  The kids were more excited about playing in the dirt than running the bases, though Jace was pretty excited when they handed out chalk as you crossed home plate.  It was a great day at the ball park!


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