I love where we live.  Holidays last a whole month around here!  We did the Hanover Township Easter egg hunt about 3 weeks ago.  First up was the egg hunt for the 0-2 year olds.  Luke wasn’t quite sure about it, but Jace was excited!  It took some serious restraint on Jace’s part to leave tons of Easter eggs just SITTING there.  But eventually, Jace coaxed Luke into picking up a few eggs.

After Luke’s egg hunt, we had 15 minutes before it was Jace’s turn.  We checked out the (incredibly creepy) Easter Bunny at Jace’s request.  As we got closer to the “bunny”, Luke started to cry and Jace decided we should skip seeing the bunny and just go eat cupcakes.  So we did.  Cupcakes were a big hit.

Then it was time for Jace’s egg hunt!  He was in with the 3-5 year olds, and he really held his own.  He got a ton of eggs and had a great time.  Plus, a bunch of his preschool friends were there, too.

Jace, being Jace, sang songs about everything in his basket.

Easter Eggs from HTCC – video

All in all, it was a fun egg hunt for both kids, it was nice weather, and it’s awesome that we can walk to the park!

This past week we had an Easter egg hunt with MOMS Club.  There were tons of eggs and tons of kids.  I was organizing everything, so I didn’t get any pictures of the action (though I do have a picture of the kids waiting in the hallway!).  I had an unlimited budget for egg fillers, so I got fun stuff.

When we pulled the Easter items out of the storage box, we discovered that one of our pairs of bunny ears had broken.  Oh no!  Jace insisted on new ears – for everyone.  So we’ve been bunnies a lot lately.

And an Easter-ish post wouldn’t be complete without some Bunny Hopping!

Jacen the Bunny – video

We have more Easter fun next week!


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