Around the House

Some random pictures from the past three weeks….

Jace has discovered that he can (kinda) pick up the cats.  And I have discovered that Claire is the most tolerant cat ever.

Color mixing is a really fun activity.  Jace gets so into it.  He likes to say, “Hmmmm, what color do you get when you mix red and blue?  Hmmmm.  Let’s find out.”  Then he does the mixing (with his tongue out because it requires a lot of focus) and announces, “Wow!  Look at the beautiful color it made!”

Adam brought “me” a root beer float the other day.  Sharing was NOT optional.

The kids love giving Cuervo treats.  Today they gave Cuervo a bunch of treats, then Jace got bored and walked into the living room.  Luke wasn’t done, apparently, so he marched over, grabbed Jace’s hand, pulled him back into the kitchen, and pointed at the jar of milkbones.  Very cute.  And effective!

Forts have been a popular activity lately.

The kids had a random stomach thing.  Luke was sick first.  He napped a lot and the animals kept him company.  Jace was sick next.  He napped on the couch and Luke did a great job checking in on him.

Once the kids were healthy again, I decided it was time to try a pinterest idea.  I have a really high tolerance for messy activities.  Really high.  But this one was toooo messy.  Water beads are really cool things to play with – they start off tiny and then absorb a ton of water and turn into these gelatenous beads that are kinda squishy and fun to touch.  But, they’re not a great size for a 1 year old who might put them in his mouth.  I’d read that a fun alternative was to use tapioca pearls.  They’re safe to eat and small enough that they don’t pose a choking risk.  So we tried it.  And I ended up with WAY too many of these little tapioca pearls (which is crazy because I accidentally ruined half the bag and had to trash them).  And they were really cool.  They were squishy and sticky and so much fun.  And a total and complete mess.  We started out at the kitchen table.  I quickly realized I needed to put down cookie sheets underneath the bowls to catch the overflow.  Then I realized we should be sitting on the ground because things just kept spilling to the floor and going everywhere.  Then Luke got really into it and started splashing.  I turned to help Jace get his wet shirt off, and Luke lunged forward – and pretty much did a belly flop into the tapioca pearls.  And they were EVERYWHERE.  Plus, he was completely covered.  So we had to move upstairs to the bathtub.  I got the kids in swimsuits and we started playing.  By the end of it, I had tapioca pearls all over (literally all over – from my hair to my socks) – and so did the kids.  The bathroom was a sticky mess.  The kitchen was a sticky mess.  And every utensil we owned was covered in rainbow colored tapioca pearls.  But the kids had fun!

And that’s it for now.  More random pictures tomorrow!


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