Parks, Bruises, and Imagi Nation

We’ve had some park days lately!  We played at Crawford Park with some friends (Cara and Daphne).  Luke got to try out Jace’s scooter and Jace and his friends played with chalk.

We spent an afternoon at HTCC park with some of Jace’s preschool friends.  Notice Jace’s pants in the first picture?  He pulls them up above his knees for increased traction when he wants to climb up slides!  Jace and Luke both had a great time on the swings.  And Luke fell asleep on the walk home.

Jace had been begging to go to Kids Castle, so we finally made it happen.  He’s got so many tickets saved up now, I think he could get anything he wanted from the prize counter!

We’ve had a lot of fun playdates lately.  The pictures below show some of the fun stuff we’ve done with Jack, Jonathan and Dylan, and Ella and Max.

Jace had his last two days of Sports Class.  One day focused on field hockey.  The other day was a free-for-all and the instructors got out all the equipment for all the sports.  The kids ran around like crazy and ended up exhausted!  As always, Luke was begging to get out there and play.  On the free-for-all day, one of the coaches let Luke wander around with him and played catch with him.  Jace was so wound up after the last day of class that he sprinted to the car and snuck into the front seat with my keys.  He thought it was HILARIOUS.

This week they started a new program at Jace’s preschool.  They now have open gym hours for ages 4 and under on Tuesday mornings.  Jace is in preschool then, so Luke and I got a chance to go together.  He was a little shy at first, but then he had fun.  Although you can see from the last picture that he wasn’t really interested in the story hour portion of open gym.

As we were leaving open gym, we peeked in Jace’s classroom.  And the only kid I could see in the room was Jace – how perfect!  He was playing with playdough and seemed like he was having a good time.  He came home so excited about playdough that he wanted to make playdough for his classmates.  So we did.  He got to give it out today.  We got Jace’s school pictures back recently, and I love them.  Below is just a picture of the proof sheet, but isn’t he cute?!?!  I was really excited that the pictures turned out so well.  Now I just need a frame for the wall!

Poor Luke has been a little accident prone these past few days.  On Monday, he was having a GREAT time putting smashed pennies into a piggy bank.  He dropped a few on the floor and when he tried to pick them up, he smacked his forehead on the table.  He whimpered, then tried again.  And smacked again!  Owie.  He had two bruises – in almost the same spot.  Jace was very sweet.  He rushed for an ice pack, helped Luke ice his head, and then sang him songs while he played the guitar.  Luke, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice that he’d smacked his head and just kept putting pennies in the piggy bank.  Overall, it wasn’t toooo bad an injury.  Until the next day.  The next day, Luke was running around with a toy in each hand.  He tripped and went head first into the table – smacking the exact same spot on his head.  OUCH!  This one was pretty bad and upset him a lot.  Poor guy.  He’s fine now – still his smiley self – but he’s got quite the lump (see the last picture).

Now some happier pictures….  Luke was all smiles during bath time the other day.  Adorable!

And lastly, for tonight, we went to Imagi Nation the other day!  Jace loves that place and had been begging to go back.  Luke napped early, so the timing worked out perfectly.  The kids played at the dentist, the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the post office, and on the assembly line.  And of course, there was a lot of fighting fires.  Jace was so excited to get to make his own ice cream again.  He opted for cake batter flavoring (“to make it yellow!”) with sprinkles and marshmallows mixed in.  Yummy.  Plus, he even wrote his name on the label for his carton of ice cream.  Check out that handwriting!  The three of us had a really fun afternoon playing together!


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