Cousins with Sprinkles on Top (Part 2 of 2)

Picking up right where we left off with the last post….

After the zoo, the kids played outside with bubbles, Jace and Ronyn hung out in Ronyn’s car, and we made make-your-own pizzas for dinner.  The kids were pretty tired from our big day (and all the sunshine!) so after showers and baths, it was time for a movie night.

The next day was sunny and hot.  The kids played in the sprinkler, had a water fight, and ate popsicles.  Luke and Ronyn were worn out and took naps (you can barely see Ronyn on the bed – he was all cuddled up!).

Despite opening the bedroom door and letting seven kids scream and shout (and letting Jace and Ronyn jump on the bed!), Luke just kept napping.  We finally woke him up so we could go visit Coffee Grandma and Coffee Grandpa.  Jace and Coffee Grandpa continued their trend of dressing like twins.  And Jace told Dane about the fun he’d been having with Ronyn.  Luke and Jace both had a great time playing with the dogs.  Those dogs got a LOT of treats during our visit!

We headed back to Kelly’s house for pizza and a SPRINKLE!  Apparently you have a baby “shower” for your first baby and a “sprinkle” for any others.  So, we had a sprinkle!  The kids were all involved in helping with set up – decorations, sugar rims on the koolaid cups and sprinkle rims on the ice cream bowls, making a cake (a jello poke cake just for Kelly!), fancy pretzel snacks, game planning, and more.  It ended up being a lot of sugar.  And that translated to a LOT of energy.  But I think everyone had fun!

We wore party hats and played guessing games, trivia games, and guessed at the size of Kelly’s tummy.  Then Kelly got to open presents (okay, maybe the kids opened all of them) and we had more cake and headed to bed!

Group picture with party hats!


The next morning the kids played together.  Jacen and Kaysen had an epic battle with the Hulk fists and Jace and Ronyn jumped on all the beds.

Jacen and Ronyn Talking – video

Then it was off to Dairy Queen for free ice cream cone day!  Luke got his first ice cream cone.  He loved it.  Then tipped it over on the table and made a total mess.  Everyone else was laughing so hard that Luke started laughing too!

After getting cleaned up back at Kelly’s house, it was time to head to the airport.  Ronyn and Luke played together in the car then they both fell asleep.  Jacen and Kaysen played together the entire drive.  Those two are so cute together!  I figured Kelly and Kevin would just drop us at the curb.  Nope!  They walked us in, helped us get our luggage checked, and walked us all the way to security.  It was sad saying bye to them!

The kids were having a great time watching airplanes out the airport windows.  Then Luke decided to bite the metal cross bar (look, I even got a picture of the bite!).  Right as he bit down, they said “final boarding call”.  I thought I’d make sure he didn’t chip a tooth, so I pried his mouth open.  And his whole mouth was full of blood.  Sigh.  Poor guy got the “upper lip frenulum” caught between his two front teeth.  Bled like crazy, but didn’t seem to hurt him much.  It’s been over a week and it’s STILL stuck there.  He’s eating and playing just fine, but I’m calling the dentist again tomorrow….

The flights went well.  Jace played with toys, both kids appreciated the double windows (again!), and we had a great time on moving walkways during our layover.  They even had an LED screen with digital birds that fascinated Luke.  Our second flight was good too – Luke slept almost the entire flight and Jace and I played with playdoh and trucks!

It was a great trip, but we were happy to get back home to see Daddy.  Although Jace DOES keep asking when he gets to see his cousins again!


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