Cousins at the Zoo (Post 1 of 2)

The kids and I took a whirlwind trip to Colorado last weekend.  We had a great time.  Jace loves his cousins!  He’s already asked – many many many times – when we can go visit them again.

The flights to Colorado were pretty good, despite a super early departure time.  Jace looked very handsome in his footie jammies, firefighter boots, and panda bear backpack.  He really liked the neon lights in the tunnels in Detroit.  After changing into clothes on our layover, we got some egg sandwiches.  Which both kids devoured (while laughing hysterically for some reason).  And the kids both loved the fact that we had TWO windows in our row on our second flight.

Kelly, Andre, and Kaysen came to pick us up at the airport.  Andre read to Jace during the drive to the Springs and then Kaysen and Jacen played some version of chase/spin/tackle in the basement.  Those two get along soooo well!  The weather was great so we spent our first day playing at the park and playing in the backyard on the trampoline.  It was Kevin’s birthday, so we had a cake.  Jace was thrilled.  Despite a late bedtime, the kids were up early.  We played in Ronyn’s room until the other kids woke up.

Flips (?) on the Trampoline – video
Andre and Kaysen were doing flips on the trampoline.  They asked me to take a video, so I did.  And right in the middle, Jace decided he’d do a flip too.  That kid has no fear when it comes to going head first into things….  When he sees someone else do a flip or a jump, he just assumes he can do it too and goes for it.  At least the surface of the trampoline was soft!

The next day we went to the ZOO – such a fun day!  Christian read to Jace in the car (Jace also entertained himself with his new pirate eye patch from Brooklyn) and Luke fell asleep.  I figured he’d wake up when the car stopped, but he didn’t.  We clipped the carseat into the stroller and he slept another 2 hours!  We had a great time seeing all the animals.  I took extra pictures of the kids looking at turtles for Adam.  We checked out the play area.  We even watched them feed the lions special frozen treats.

Roaring at the Zoo – video
Ronyn and Jace tried to communicate with the lions….

We got some cute group pictures of the kids.

There were two clear highlights during our zoo visit….  Feeding the birds and feeding the giraffes.  We stopped at the bird exhibit and got Popsicle sticks covered in birdseed.  Most of the birds stayed pretty high in the trees, but a few came low enough that we could feed them – and coax them onto our Popsicle sticks.  Luke loves birds, so he spent the entire time shouting “bih!” and pointing at birds.  And Jace was having so much fun I think he would have stayed there all day.  We will have to go back next time we’re in Colorado!

Our last stop before leaving the zoo was the giraffes.  We’d seen them on the way in, but the line for lettuce was crazy long.  On our way out, the line was much shorter, so we got a chance to feed the giraffes!

It was a different experience.  Jace loved it.  Luke even got in on the excitement (love the expression of the guy in the background – ha).  Fun, fun, fun!

And that was just the first day and a half of our trip!  So many more fun pictures to post – soon!


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