Snow Adventures

We’ve had so much fun in the snow lately!  Some days it’s been too cold out to play.  Some days it’s been too wet.  Some days it’s been too windy (so windy!).  But we’ve had a few days that have been great for playing outside in the snow!

Our first play-in-the-snow-day was fairly warm.  Luke wore his fuzzy blue outfit.  That thing is pretty absorbent.  Not the best choice!  But it wasn’t too cold and we weren’t out very long, so it was okay.  In the second picture, Jace has a chunk of snow and is sneaking up on Luke.  He got him pretty good (on the back) and they both laughed.  Jace made some snow angels (of course) and I got a picture of the kids sitting together in the snow and both looking at the same time!  We’ll work up to “both smiling”….  But we had fun outside and then headed in for hot chocolate.

Our next play-in-the-snow day was a little windy.  I put Luke in a snowsuit, but still let him wear shoes.  It was pretty warm, so we were happy outside for a long time.  Jace played some t-ball (we wrapped the balls in colored washi tape so we could find them in the snow!).  He actually got some really good hits!  We made a mini batch of snow ice cream and had some hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

Our third play-in-the-snow day was the day of the blizzard.  It was much too stormy to play outside in the morning, so we made multiple batches of snow ice cream (with help from Jace’s toy crane) and watched the snow fall.  The snow ice cream had great flavor, but the texture was off.  Too much hail!  But we had food coloring, peppermint extract, and colorful cones to make our snow ice cream experience that much more exciting.  And while the concept of an ice cream cone was too much for Luke, he did like the cone!

When the snow slowed down (and the wind stopped gusting) Adam headed out to work on the driveway.  The kids supervised from the window – and did some snow painting.

I finally found Luke’s boots and we all got bundled up to head outside.  Of course, with over a foot of snow, Luke couldn’t walk at all.  Poor guy.  He also couldn’t move his arms enough to get his hands to his face to wipe away the snowflakes!

Check out these two pictures (February 2015 vs March 2017).

We didn’t spend tooo much time outside, but we did get the sled out and wander around a bit while Adam shoveled.  It was so much fun to be out in the snow!

Our most recent play-in-the-snow day was much warmer.  Adam got Jace ready to go out….  It seemed like he was having a really hard time getting Jace into his snowpants.  When I looked more closely, he was putting Jace in Luke’s clothes.  Haha.

After we got that straightened out, Jace and I headed outside.  He said he wanted to “kick snow”  And he did.  He was so happy!  We wandered around in the backyard for a bit, but it was tough walking.  The snow was really crunchy.  Sometimes Jace could walk on top of the snow, but sometimes he would punch through.  The crunchy snow did make it so we could write messages with our feet.  Can you see them in the picture from the deck?  After a while, we headed back to the front yard to throw snowballs, eat icicles, and hang out with Luke.  Playing outside is so much fun!


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