Out and About

The last post was called “Inside the House”.  This one is “Out and About”.  While the weather hasn’t been great for outdoor play (though I’ll get to posting my snow pictures soon), we’ve definitely been out and about with friends in the past few weeks.  And we capitalized on the nice weather we did have!

After a rain storm, Jace “turned into a pup” (put shoes on his hands) and we headed outside.  With puddle boots on his hands and his feet, he was able to splash in puddles on all fours.  It was funny to watch.  Then we walked to Weis.  And he kept the boots on his hands the whole time!

We headed to Force with some friends.  Luke practiced walking on unstable surfaces.  And Jace, Jonathan, and Dylan took turns rolling each other around inside the big rolling mat thing.  It makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

Jace has had several classes in his “Lil Athletes” program now.  The recent sports have been basketball, soccer, and t-ball.  Luke watches from the sidelines and he wants to get out there and play sooooo badly!

Poor Luke has had two injuries lately.  He scraped his chin crawling on the icy front steps and he CHIPPED HIS TOOTH playing with a cup.  I’m so sad about the tooth!  The scrape on his chin upset him a whole lot more and actually bled a bit, but it’s almost completely healed already.  Chipping the tooth didn’t seem to bother him much, but it’s a decent chip.  So sad!!!!  It’s his top, right, front tooth.  I don’t know what the resolution will be like on this picture, but you can see it pretty clearly in person.  He’s going to go to the dentist with Jace in June, so we’ll see about smoothing it out….

We took advantage of our sunny days – and we did have some really gorgeous days!  We did lots of walking, lots of picnicking, and lots of playing at the parks.  I love our double stroller.

When it was too wet to play outside, we drove around to do errands.  The kids rode in the shopping cart as Weis when we picked up our faschnauts (yummmmy).  Jace got a special ice cream treat because he was wonderful during a day of shopping.  Luke looked cute napping in the car.  And, by request, we spent about 90 minutes climbing around in the car one day (the kids were completely entertain pushing buttons, pretending to drive, and climbing over the seats).

It’s birthday season for Jace and all his friends.  We went to Jack’s party last weekend (Jace is the one in the astronaut costume).  Jace even wore his space shirt to match the theme.  Then we went back the next day to play with all the new toys.  Jace gave Jack the Octopod and it was a huuuge hit (yay).  Ella’s party is this weekend.  Since we won’t make the party, we celebrated early with her and gave her a birthday present.  Luke played with the “busy board” (we might have to make one for him!) while Jace and Ella played with “leprechaun soup” (green water with glitter, sequins, and gold coins).  The kids also played with the truck, played in the fort, and jumped on the trampoline.  Next month is Daphne’s birthday, then Cara’s birthday, and then it’s Jace’s turn.  Fun, fun!

And that covers the highlights of our out-and-about adventures!


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