Costumes, Cousins, and Coffee Grandpa

It’s no secret that Jace loves being a firefighter.  He switched it up this week and wore his black firefighter jacket and his red “Texaco” (official, actually!) helmet.

Since the red jacket wasn’t being worn, Jace decided to help Luke be a firefighter too!  It was really cute.  Jace helped Luke get his hands through the arms of the jacket, then hugged him and said “I love my little brother firefighter baby Luke”.  Awww.

Luke DID make a cute firefighter.

We recently switched out toys – which means the astronaut costume came back into rotation.  And this time Jace was ready to try it on!  He’s worn it a few times this week and really likes it.  I like the picture of him waiting at the baby gate for Adam to get home – in full astronaut attire!

And, as if being a firefighter and an astronaut wasn’t enough, Jace spent some time being a fisherman too.  Now we just need to get him a lab coat/doctor costume and he will be all set!

In between rounds of imaginative play, we’ve had some visitors!  My cousin, Kerry, and her family came to visit us.  We had such a fun visit and the kids absolutely loved them.  Jace has already asked if they can come play again soon.  We’ve also gotten to spend two days playing with Coffee Grandpa.  He got a chance to play with Luke while Jace was at school, then got a chance to play firefighter with Jace in the afternoon.  Fun, fun, fun!



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