Inside the House (with lots of videos!)

We’ve had some cold, windy, and snowy weather lately (plus both kids had a 12-hour stomach bug at the beginning of the month) – which equates to a lot of time inside the house.  Some of our time in the house has been ACTIVE.

Daddy the Trampoline – video
No description necessary!

We rediscovered the fan.  When Jace was around 18 months, he thought this fan was the funniest thing ever.  He would laugh and laugh and laugh every time we’d wave it at him.  And apparently, Luke thinks it’s just as funny!

Laughing with the Fan – video
March 2017 – Luke is 14 months old

Laughing in the Wind – video
January 2015 – Jace is 19 months old

Jace taught Luke “how to mow the lawn”.

After running around with the lawn mower, the kids got a work out pushing the train table all around the room.  They find it hilarious, for some reason.  At least they’re working together!

Teamwork – video

And, in the midst of all these indoor days, Luke learned how to throw!  It’s adorable.  His throwing stance is to bring both arms behind him, stand very still, push his tummy forward, then fling the ball straight into the ground.  If no one is paying attention, he just retrieves the ball and does it again.  But if people are actively watching and either cheer or clap after he throws, he laughs and laughs while he goes to retrieve the ball and throw again.  It’s very cute.

Luke Learned to Throw – video

When we’re not being quite so active, we’ve had some nice and relaxing time indoors.  We’ve had lots of fun with cardboard boxes.

The kids went through all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen – and eventually contented themselves with eating cereal out of silicone muffin liners while sitting on the floor.

We’ve built several forts.  Jace had snacks in one of the forts and poor Cuervo just couldn’t figure out how to get inside to beg for crumbs.  While he was sitting with his head under the sheet, Luke walked over and decided to ride Cuervo like a horse.  And Cuervo was so focused on the food that he was okay with it!

Luke played with the ball popper, put markers between his toes (!), splashed in the sink, tried some coloring, and worked on his fine motor skills using Jace’s Paw Patrol tennis ball launcher.

Fine Motor Skills – video

Jacen played rescue (of course).  We rotated his space rock(et) back onto the toy shelf, so he’s been playing with that a lot lately.  I was wondering if he’d lose interest in fighting fires now that he had his spaceship back, but I found out the answer pretty quickly….  In the first space mission for Astronaut Casey and Astronaut Bailey, they encountered a fire on the moon and had to call the fire trucks for help!

Luke chewed on a frozen french fry (and laughed about it so much!), tried on some sunglasses, stole my food from Taco Bell, played with a train whistle, cuddled with me on the couch, read some books, and checked out the fridge.

Jace has been using his toy camera to capture pictures of the birds at his bird feeder (very popular with all our snow!).  He is learning how to use the tiny photo viewer toys, but they require a lot of focus.  He made a Fruit Loop necklace.  And today we made St. Patrick’s Day treats for his class.

Jacen Car – video

Lastly, the kids have been doing pretty well playing together.  Here are a few pictures of them hanging out eating apples for snack on the couch, playing in/by the bathtub (Luke loves throwing every single toy into the tub), and playing with Cuervo this morning!




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