Hawaii – Sun, Sand, and Surf!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our amazing trip to Hawaii – the beach pictures!

The kids LOVED the beach.  They loved playing in the sand and they both loved splashing in the waves.  We didn’t always get to the beach very early in the morning, but we did seem to stay until after the sunset most days – and even then, we had to drag Jace off the beach!

I brought the blanket down to the beach each day, but the kids ended up sitting in the sand almost immediately every time.  They used shovels, wheelbarrows, and construction vehicles to build forts, castles, and roads.

Jace was a big fan of making sand angels.  He also liked getting covered in sand.

Luke liked crawling in the sand – and climbing on the chairs.

Jace fed the birds.  And totally rocked the whole swimsuit/firefighter boots look!

Luke had fun walking on the sand.

Jace and Grandpa looked for buried treasure – with a metal detector!

And we all had fun hanging out on the beach (Notice Jace throwing sand in the air and Luke laughing about it?  Yeah, that happened a lot….).

At the end of each day, the kids were covered in sand.  And I do mean COVERED.  When Luke would get tired, he would put his face on the sand.  When Jace would come in from jumping waves, he’d lay face down on the sand to rest and warm up.  We brought so much sand back from the beach each day it was crazy!

As I mentioned, the kids LOVED the WATER!  Luke liked holding hands and standing with his toes in the water.  He was so excited each time the wave would come in and get him!  I know it’s a lot of similar pictures, but they’re slightly different.  And Luke is so cute.  And he was so happy!

Jace liked “jumping waves”.  His favorite wave jumping partner was Grandpa, because he helped Jace jump the highest.  Jace is horizontal and 6′ above the water in that one picture!

Jace Jumping the Waves – video

And lastly, sunsets and silhouettes.  Jace really couldn’t be persuaded to leave the beach early.  So we saw a bunch of pretty sunsets!

Hawaii was amazing.  Great weather.  Wonderful company.  And so much fun on the beach!


One thought on “Hawaii – Sun, Sand, and Surf!

  1. It was really fun to see these pictures and hear how much your two boys enjoyed the beach in Hawaii! You have a beautiful family. I’m so happy for you!!

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