Hawaii – Everything but the Beach!

Our trip to Hawaii was WONDERFUL.  We’ve been busy with work, getting caught up at home, and round after round of sick kids, but I’m finally ready to post!  We had so much fun on our trip.  Jace is still talking about all the exciting things we did.  In an attempt to not make this post toooooo long, this is everything except the beach pictures.

Hawaii is pretty far away from Pennsylvania.  Wow.  We got up super early and caught a taxi to the airport.  I thought the kids would be crying, but Luke was happy and Jace was excited.  It was only a few hours to Chicago.  Luke was on antibiotics and they needed to be kept refrigerated.  Being the devoted mom that I am, I packed them with an ice pack.  And froze them solid.  Sigh.  So the kids spent the layover playing in the play area and I spent the layover trying to reach an on call doctor on a Saturday that would write me a prescription and send it to Hawaii!  Our next flight was 9 hours and 45 minutes long.  And to start it off, we sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes.  We spent a LONG time on that plane!  But the kids did really well.  And there were cool clips on the seat backs that could hold iPhones and iPads, so that was fun.  Grandma and Grandpa met us at the airport and after a quick (?) stop to get Luke’s new medicine, we were off to our condo.  We got there in time to watch the sunset.  So pretty!  The kids fell asleep in the car.  We tried to wake them up for dinner, but that wasn’t happening.  A 5 hour time change is a lot.  So it was an early bedtime for all of us.  In paradise!

The next morning, the kids were up and ready to go by 4am.  Yup.  4am.  We played in the condo as quietly as we could, then headed to the beach while Adam slept.  We were the first ones on the beach and we got to watch the sky lighten.  Luke loved the sand.  Jace found a shovel and had a great time playing on the beach.  After a few hours, we went to the ABC Store for some breakfast items and headed up to Grandma and Grandpa’s condo.

I think Adam’s favorite part of Hawaii is shave ice.  So we made sure we had daily shave ice!  We’d walk to the grassy area above the beach to eat our treat.  The kids liked running around on the grass.  You have a great view of the beach from there.  One time Adam and I went on a shave ice date and came back and ate our shave ice on the grass while we watched my parents play with the kids on the beach.  It was pretty perfect!

We went whale watching!  The kids had fun on the boat and we saw a ton of whales.  Plus, the guys all looked great in their Hawaiian shirts!  Jace liked watching the whales through his magnifying glass.  Jace and Adam went to a mini class on whales.  At one point the teacher asked if anyone had a question about whales.  Jace said he had a question.  Then he said, “Baby sharks hatch from eggs and then they eat lots and lots and lots of food and grow reeeeeeeeeally big.”  It was pretty cute.  Towards the end of the trip, a whale breached in front of the boat.  Eleven times in a row!  Jace was impressed.  After the first one he shouted, “I’ve never seen a whale do that before!”  But the highlight of the trip was the ride back to the harbor.  We were in the front of the boat and it was SO WINDY.  Jace loooooved it!

The Whale – video

Dancing in the Wind – video

While we spent most of our time on the beach, we did have some fun evenings in the condos.  We celebrated Grandpa’s birthday and Grandma’s birthday.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Jace and Grandma played rescue while Adam and Grandpa went to the movies.  And after the kids would go to bed each night, the rest of us would play games and eat ice cream.  We had fun walking around the complex and finding geckos (Jace is looking at a green gecko in one of the pictures).  Plus, both condos had such pretty views!  Adam spent a lot of time sitting by the open sliding door, right in front of the fan, playing his game.  He said it was a great view and a great temperature, so he was happy.  Plus, we could park Luke in the stroller right next to him for nap time!

The Sand and Water Song – video
Jace likes to sing songs.  Sometimes he sings songs from school, but a lot of his songs are Jace originals.  This one is the Sand and Water song.  A true Jace original.

During our week in Hawaii, Adam and I got to go on several dates!  We went out to breakfast, we went on walks,  we got shave ice, we went out for lunch, and we went snorkeling.  We even got to swim with sea turtles!  While we went on dates, the kids played at parks with Grandma and Grandpa.  Fun, fun, fun.  One morning, there was a parade right down the hill from our condos.  Jace really cleaned up – sooo much candy!  And the floats were fun.  They even had a guy with a metal detector walking in the parade.  After the parade we spend some time playing on the grassy area above the beach and then we headed to the pool for a fun and sand-free afternoon.

We left Hawaii pretty late at night.  The kids fell asleep on the drive to the airport.  And some how they stayed asleep while we checked in, Jace woke up for 30 seconds to walk through the metal detector, then fell right back to sleep, and they slept all the way until we got on the plane!  The first flight went well.  The second flight went well.  And the third flight was okay (poor sick Jace….).  We made it home, saw the animals, and went to sleep!

Despite the long travel, we had a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii!


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