Sick Kids, Sunshine, and a Cake

It’s been over two weeks since my last post.  Yikes!  Of course we have tonnnnnns of pictures from our week in paradise, but I don’t have the time to sort through them right now!  So here are pictures from the week AFTER our week in paradise.  🙂

We got home Sunday evening and the kids were exhausted.  I figured it was a combination of flying through the night and jet lag.  Turns out they were both just super sick.  We went to the doctor Monday morning for a recheck on Luke’s ears and because Jace had a little cough.  We walked out with EIGHT prescriptions.  Eight!  Luke has croup, a mild ear infection, and a rash.  Jace has bronchitis and strep.  Poor kids!  We have a recheck tomorrow morning to see if meds for the past week have cured everything!

Despite being so sick, the kids were pretty happy for the most part.  Jace got to open all the valentines from his preschool friends.  Luke made up for lost time with the cats.  Jace got to play rescue with his fire trucks.  Luke played airplane.  Both kids watched birds at the bird feeder.  Both kids played with the oven mitts (seriously – oven mitts and tongs can keep the kids entertained for so long!).  And we got a picture of Jace in his Kids Workshop apron.

We signed Jace up for t-ball.  The first day was Wednesday.  It was a GREAT class and he LOVED it.  And then they cancelled it due to lack of enrollment.  Sigh.  So we switched to Sports Class on Thursdays.  It was fine.  Jace had a good time.  I’ll give it another week….

We had GORGEOUS weather on Thursday and Friday.  Temperatures in the mid 70s in February is crazy, but we took full advantage of it.  We had picnics, we played with friends, we went on walks.  Luke wore SHOES and was all over the playground equipment.  And Jace wore firefighter boots (of course) on his feet and puddle boots on his hands and “morphed into a pup” and put on a show.  It was elaborate.  He’s pretty funny.  But we had a great time at the parks with friends.  We even got to watch a front end loader and a dump truck in action!  Fun, fun, fun.

Cuervo turned TEN on Friday.  Jace suggested a cake “for Cuervo”.  So we got a cake and a special treat for the birthday dog.  When the baker asked what we wanted written on the cake, Jace said “Mommy, Jacen, Daddy, Luke, Cuervo!”  And that’s what she wrote!  So we had our cake with 10 candles.

And lastly, my favorite pictures from the park.  Luke wandered pretty far away from our picnic blanket.  When he realized how far away he’d gotten, he sat down and whimpered.  Jace noticed right away and sprang into action.  He ran over, helped Luke up, held his hand, and led him back to the blanket.  So cute!


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