Jacen’s First Snow Day – and a lot of rescuing!

Thursday was a SNOW DAY!  We got about 8″ of snow.  We played a little, watched the birds at the feeder, shoveled a little, Jace made some “tummy snow angels”, and we made two batches of snow ice cream!  Rather than just bring in a bowl of snow, Jace insisted on “rescuing” the snow using the bucket on his helicopter.  There’s a lot of rescuing going on at our house lately….

We’ve spent a lot of time this week playing with friends (even had a playdate with a preschool friend!) and playing with toys.

As I mentioned, we’re all about RESCUES lately!  Sometimes they involve Helicopter (capital letter because it’s a name), but usually it’s the firetrucks that get the job done!

My friend, Becky, takes adorable pictures of her super photogenic kids.  When we were at her house, she suggested I try for some Valentine pictures.  Here’s what we got!

We have gotten some cute pics of the kids together though.  I know the laundry basket is a repeat, but I love it, so I don’t care!

The kids “helped” me with packing.  It wasn’t helpful.  I’m gonna have to pack late at night after they’re asleep!

And some random pictures from the week.  The animals.  Jace’s tongue.  Luke trying to escape the tub (he really only likes things when I’m within 2 feet of him – so bath time with Daddy isn’t his favorite lately), Jace helped me put sprinkles on some chocolate dipped pretzels (that is a LOT of sprinkles), we all went out for National Frozen Yogurt Day (yum!), I personalized stuffed animals for Valentine’s day (my new craft – fun!), and I made frames for each of the kids of their first 12 months!

Today we had TWO Valentine’s Day parties!  The first one was with MOMS Club.  It was fun, but I think Jace’s favorite part was the board meeting afterwards when he and the other kids hid underneath the table.  They were laughing soooo hard under there!

Luke was zonked out from the big morning, so Jace and I went to our afternoon party on our own (Adam was home from work early to pack!).  It was a great party with fun games, yummy food, and adorable valentines!

We brought Luke’s valentines home for him….  While I wasn’t looking, he managed to get a rice krispy heart out of the bag.  He was surprised when I caught him, but overall he was just so excited about it!

And now it’s off to bed to try and get some sleep before our next big adventure!


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