Playing at the House

It was a low-key weekend.  Luke played with some toys….  And he’s almost always missing his left sock.  The stacking cups are his current favorite toy.  He loves to knock over towers, but if no one is around to build for him, he’s content to just nest and unnest the blocks – or, even better, to fill them with pompoms and them dump them out!

The kids have actually been playing TOGETHER a lot lately.  Jack in the Box, the tiger, and the construction set are top contenders.

But the game of the week is “flying couches”.  I’m not really clear on the rules.  But both kids think the game is hilarious.

Flying Couches – video
I think you just run at the couch and then laugh.  Not sure.  Sometimes we actually all end up on the couch, then Jace has us fasten our seatbelts and call someone on the phone (for real) and tell them about our flight.  I dunno.  The kids laugh a lot.

Jace has been energetic lately.  He’s very interested in his superhero cape.  He puts on stunt shows for his captive audience (Luke claps a LOT) and he races around the playroom with his cape trailing behind….  Other activities this week included volcanoes in the tub, sitting in the toy chest, and a ridiculous amount of time spent playing with the pompoms.

Other pictures from the week….  Luke being cuddly, Luke watching the snowfall, and a picture of what happens when you put a diaper through the washing machine (sigh!).

Friday was semi-warm, and we took full advantage.  Loving the double stroller!

And lastly, a cute video.  Luke’s walking is actually pretty impressive.  He’s relatively stable and he loves walking from room to room.  Today, while Jace was at preschool, Luke walked all over the place!  I finally decided to take a video right when he was getting tired.  Oops.  But it’s a cute video.  He’s so determined when he stands back up.  And he’s so proud of his walking.  And he’s sooooo happy!  Adorable!

Wobbly Walking – video


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