Construction Vehicles and Pompoms

Jace had his preschool choral concert on Tuesday!  It was during school hours, so Adam suggested I record it on my phone.  Adam asked if Jace was going to be looking out into a sea of cell phones.  The answer to that question is no.  Not because people weren’t recording (everyone was), but because Jace spent the entire (ENTIRE) concert facing the back wall.  I think the concert was a lot of pressure for the kids.  All 12 kids were there.  One was sobbing when they walked out.  One started sobbing before the first song.  One announced “I have to pee” during the first song.  Another hid under her dress (her mom was very glad she was wearing tights underneath).  Another kid sang the first song, then stood perfectly still, like a statue, and refused to move or make eye contact for the rest of the concert.  One kid sat on the floor.  At one point, a little girl was crying and pointing at her mom.  The teacher asked if she wanted to go sit with her mom.  The girl nodded and said, “I can see her right there and I just love her so much I need to be right there too,” and half the moms in the room started crying.  Soooooo, pretty stellar concert.  Jace was all smiles at the juice and cookie reception afterwards.  He talked about how much fun he had at his concert.  Then he had a coughing fit.  And Luke projectile sneezed all over the table.  And I decided we’d had enough.  Concert pictures!


I’ve come up with a lot of fun activities this week that have turned out to be total failures.  Painting with salt?  Salt all over the floor.  Food coloring in milk?  Food coloring and milk all over the floor.  Scissors, paper, and glue sticks?  Art projects glued to the table, floor, and fridge.  Treasure hunt with Easter eggs?  Jace filled the eggs for me with crackers, rice, chili powder, pretzels, and cheese.  Soooo, it’s been exciting.  Things were so messy that I actually don’t have pictures of most of it.

Random stuff from the week….  We went to Force with friends and then Chick fil A with Maria and Daphne.  Maria, Luke, and I sat at a table outside the play area – while Jace and Daphne played on their own in the play area.  So cool!  They’re getting big!  Luke still loves the Tupperware drawer.  Jace likes to hide and ask Adam and I to find him.  His hiding spots are usually under a blanket or a pillow on the floor.  Adam and I are fine with pretending not to see him (which he loves), but Luke finds him right away.  Jace usually shrieks, “No, Baby Luke!  You can’t find me yet!  I’m hiding!”  It’s hilarious.  After several days of rain and gloom, we had sunshine today!  The kids and I took the double stroller to Wegmans.  Fun and sunny!  And, despite having no interest in eating it, Luke carried half a loaf of french bread around the playroom for a while.  I think he just liked that Cuervo followed him the whole time.

We’ve had fun with new toys and old toys this week.  Jace is still firetruck obsessed.  He wears his fire jacket and boots (and hat!) every chance he gets.  And Luke is fascinated by his new peek-a-boo elephant.

The kids have had a great time with the star projector.

Both kids love bath time.  Adam does not.  Though he did “smile” for the picture.

Luke is pretty excited about walking.  And Jace is pretty excited about helping Luke walk.  He likes to hold Luke’s hands and walk with him.  Usually it ends like the third picture below….  Jace walks too fast and Luke ends up on his tummy.  But it’s cute and they both have fun.

New and exciting this week – the place mat for Luke (it’s awesome!) and the “road” rug.

And lastly, construction vehicles and pompoms.  This is the game of the week!  It’s too cold to play in the dirt or in the sandbox, but the construction vehicles needed some “material”.  So we have pompoms.  Luke loves putting the pompoms into boxes or tubes.  It’s fascinating.  Jace loves having front end loader and dump truck transport pompoms to different piles (sorted by size or color) and then letting the other vehicles crash through the piles.  It’s fun.  It’s messy.  And it’s completely entertaining for hours (!).  Sometimes we use our cup poppers (cups with balloons on the bottom so we can fling the pompoms all over the place).  Sometimes we run through the pompoms.  Sometimes firetrucks help the construction vehicles build their piles.  Notice that these pictures are from multiple days.  It’s pretty much all we do anymore!  Keeps both kids happy.  Keeps me happy.  We love the pompoms and vehicles!


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