Stephanie came to visit us!  A week ago.  Yup, behind in my posting.  But it was a fun visit (even if we were all sick – including Steph) and she was here for Luke’s birthday AND for her own birthday.  Jace was very excited about cake and candles.  Here are some pictures from the visit.

We started the first morning off by covering Steph in stickers (Jace thought it was hilarious) and reading book after book after book on the couch (she brought us so many new books to read!).

We spent an afternoon playing at Chuck E. Cheese.

We took Stephanie to Force to play in the foam pit (if you look suuuper closely in the picture that looks like it’s just foam, you’ll see tiny glimpses of Steph hidden underneath….  seconds before Jace jumped right on top of her!).

We spent TWO afternoons at Crayola.  Steph even bought an annual pass – which I think means she wants to come visit again this year.  Yay!

And lastly, we went to Baked Bouquet.  We played at a park for a tiny bit (too cold!), then headed into the “Flakery” (Florist/Bakery) for cupcakes that look like flowers!  All the flowers Steph’s standing by?  Yup, all cupcakes!  And delicious ones too!

Fun visit.  We’re glad she came.  And we promise to be healthy next time!


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