Wobbly Walking

Luke is a wobbly walker!  That might be an overstatement.  But he can definitely walk when he feels like it….  He doesn’t like to walk for the camera – or for Adam, for that matter – but when Jace and I are playing with him, he’s pretty good at wobbling over to us or to the toys.  He can take about six steps before he falls over.  And it’s so cute!  And he’s so proud of himself!  And Jace is so excited for him!

Steps! – video

Wobbly Walking – video

Speaking of walking, the walkers are the toys of the week.  We have three of them now, which is perfect for me, Jace, and Luke.  Jace has decided the walkers are police cars.  We spend a lot of time walkering around the playroom – at super high speeds – with our sirens going as loudly as possible.  Just based on counting outfits, these pictures are from at least five different days.  Jace is really sticking with this game!

When we’re not walkering around the playroom, we’re playing with all the cool new toys Luke got for his birthday.  He got so many awesome presents from so many people!

Jace is all about the toys too.  He really likes his Paw Patrol pups and his firetrucks.  He uses the firetrucks to rescue the pups.  He’s getting pretty good at his puzzles.  And he really likes one of Luke’s birthday presents – “Baby Dinosaur” – so much so that he took him on a walk to Weis with us!

We had to take Cuervo to the vet for his check up yesterday.  The vet is right across the street from Chuck E. Cheese, so we arranged a playdate with our friends while Cuervo was at the doctor.  Jace LOVES the virtual reality “ride” at Chuck E. Cheese.  He was excited to have Luke ride with him.  Luke thought it was okay – though when they started bumping over the gravel, both kids were smiling.  We had pizza, cookie pizza, and drinks.  Jace and Cara played a lot of two player games.  And we ended up with enough tickets to get a mini playdoh, so Jace was happy!

Jace and Luke rode the two person train ride together.  Look how cute they are!!!!

Randomness from the week….  Our amaryllis bloomed.  Cody took up residence on the couch in the playhouse.  Jace painted his tool basket.  Luke has discovered cabinets.  Jace made a birdfeeder at preschool.  We hung it up and then watched the birds eat it.  They loved it.  It’s completely gone already.  Jace turned his tongue blue with frosting from Luke’s cake.  Luke is adorable and stands everywhere.  And the tiget toy continues to be super popular.

We re-purposed the crepe paper decorations from Luke’s party and it was a huge hit.

Jace has been dressing himself for preschool lately.  It’s quite the fashion statement.

Luke got colored bath tablets for his birthday and Jace loves them.

Jace is great at keeping Luke happy (well, when he’s not knocking him over or stealing his toys….).  Check out Luke’s TEETH!

And lastly, the kids were all smiles the other morning.  So sweet!


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