Happy Birthday, Luke!

Here are the pictures from Luke’s birthday party and from Luke’s first time eating cake!

We had a party on Luke’s actual birthday.  Most of the guests were Jace’s friends, but they all know Luke and were happy to come help him celebrate turning ONE!  The party had a fish theme, since goldfish crackers seem to be Luke’s favorite food.  We had lots of decorations, lots of balloons on the ground, and lots of fun and yummy foods.

Luke spent the morning playing with balloons, took a great nap, and woke up just in time for his guests to arrive.  There were a lot of people running around, but Luke was happy to be part of the group.  He crawled around, played with the walker toys, and spent a LOT of time putting the sparkly party horns into the hole in the middle of the small play table.

Towards the end of the party, it was time to pop the balloons.  We’d hidden “prizes” (stickers and chocolate coins) in the balloons, so the kids were excited to pop them open.  I couldn’t come up with a good way for the kids to do that, so Stephanie suggested taping thumbtacks to a fly swatter.  It worked so well!  Kinda crazy to give three year olds a fly swatter with thumbtacks, but Stephanie was there to regulate, so it went pretty well.  The kids loved it.  And had a ton of sugar.

Finally, it was time for cake!  Adam got home right as we were getting out the plates, which was perfect timing.  Everyone sang to Luke, and Jace helped him blow out the candle.  One of my friends even took a family picture for us!

Luke was pretty partied out that night – and Jace had had more than enough sugar – so we didn’t do our “family” cake.  A few nights later, we were ready for the next round of cake.  Luke was pretty excited!

He wasn’t sure if he liked cake all over his hands, but he did keep trying to share handfuls with the rest of us!

He didn’t actually EAT much of the cake, but I think he had a fun time playing with it.  HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, LUKE!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Luke!

  1. Oh my god, adorable. I love the party. I love t h e house. Luke is soooo cute and jace is soooo big! Love the family picture!!!!

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