Luke is single digits!

We had a big birthday party today.  Pictures will be posted soon.  For now, here are the “month” pictures from Luke’s first year.  He’s grown so much!

He wasn’t crazy about laying down for his 12 month picture.

Jace was pretty good at coaxing a smile.

And Luke was all smiles once he was free to move around!

Luke – newborn through 11 months.

In his first year, Luke has….
* been on 9 airplane rides (one was over 9 hours)* gotten 4 teeth (all in the last month!)
* been to 14 states (3 were layovers)
* been to both coasts (Maine and Alaska)
* been in thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures
* made our family complete!!!!

Luke is smiley, happy, and social.  He loves his big brother – and his big brother loves him back.  He really likes the Ergo front carrier.  He thinks the car seat is okay.  He likes the high chair or booster seat, though he’s not very interested in eating (might be all the teething).  Luke thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious, likes to play chase, and is always trying to touch the animals.  He likes crawling up the stairs.  He can take a step or two if he’s distracted by something else, but would rather crawl.  He’s very good at standing independently.  Crawling into the bathroom to visit Jace during bath time is one of Luke’s favorite activities.  He’s excited every time Adam comes home from work.  He’s down to just one nap a day (usually).  He likes to be awake and to be part of the action.  And he’s wonderful and cuddly and loud (so loud) and happy and we’re so glad he’s part of our family!


One thought on “O-N-E!

  1. The pictures of you with your boys are always my favorite!!! You’re the happiest mom! Your kids are so lucky to have you! 💖

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