Snow and Smiles

The kids are so happy!  Here are some pictures.  Jace and Luke working together (with the firefighters, ladder, and firetruck) to get a milk bone for Cuervo.  Luke playing peek-a-boo with the kitchen towel.  The kids playing together on the bed (“Mommy, take a picture while I make Luke laugh!”).  Jace showing his new toy the fresh snow on the back deck.  Jace painting.  And Jace after finishing the Kids Workshop project at Home Depot.

Here’s a video of Jace painting.  I had the cards out for thank you notes.  I had the paints out to make more spray bottles for the bathtub.  Jace saw both and decided he should paint “beautiful pictures” for all of his relatives.  So, pretty much everyone who reads this is getting a painted picture in the next few days.  I took a video of Jace at work, because I want everyone to appreciate the time and energy he put into his pictures.  When you look at the finished product, you might think he just used the brown paint and spent about 10 seconds on the card.  And that is not the case!  It just looks brown because he dips the brush in every color before going to the paper.  And the brush strokes are done with extreme care and attention to detail.  It was a long painting project!

Painting – Carefully – video

Teeth!  Luke was fussy yesterday morning.  Then he took a 2.5 hour nap that started at 10:30am.  And when he woke up, he had his fourth tooth!  Look at all these teeth!  Okay, the middle two pictures are the teeth pictures.  The first and fourth pictures are just because I think he’s adorable.

Snow!  We finally got a tiny bit of snow.  And Jace absolutely wanted to play in it.  There’s a dog in Paw Patrol that likes the snow.  She says, “Ice and Snow?  Ready to go!”  Jace wanted to walk to Weis in the snow.  In the dark.  We started out walking, but pretty soon he wanted to pretend to be a pup, like the characters in his show, so he crawled the rest of the way to the store!  The next morning, we got MORE snow!  It was cold, but still fun to be outside playing.

Smiles!  Jace wouldn’t hold still long enough for a picture (kept jumping!), but here’s a picture from just before bedtime tonight.  Such happy kids!

Lastly, I’ve been sorting through old pictures to find ones to use for Luke’s one-year picture frame.  I came across this one of Luke and Adam from  October 2016.  And it made me think of this picture of Adam and Jace from August 2015.  Cute pics, cute kids.


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