Fire! Fire! Fire!

The kids have been loving all the new toys.

We’ve spent our afternoons at Crayola and Kids Castle (I had us quarantined for a while, but it seems like the whole town has this cold, so we decided to get out and about).  The picture of the light board shows the yellow “L” that Jace created – all on his own – for Luke.

Luke and I had some play time while Jace was at preschool on Tuesday.  I thought Luke would want to play with me, but he was much more interested in the box of tissues and the animals.

Jace and Luke had fun with the tiger toy.  I love when they play together!

Riding the Tiger – video

We got a toy chest to hold all the track/vehicles/animals for the Go Go Smart series.  But I haven’t gotten to load anything into the toy chest yet because there’s always a KID in there!  When he’s not in the toy chest, he’s in the fridge (“my cold cave”).  Despite being sick, it’s been a happy week.  And our Amaryllis is starting to bloom!

And lastly, the title of the post.  There have been fires everywhere, dogs stuck in trees, people needing to be rescued….  It’s constant.  It’s a good thing we have Firefighter Jace around to come to the rescue!!


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