Happy 2017!

It’s been a fun week of playing with new toys!

We spent two afternoons at Kids Castle – one with Daphne and one with Daddy!

Jace is all about firetrucks and being a fire fighter.  He wears his fire fighter boots, jacket, and hat every chance he gets.  Today fire fighter Jacen helped in the garden while I took down Christmas lights.  The cats were not happy when we packed up their Santa hat beds.  Jace and I made cinnamon muffins and he did the cinnamon topping all on his own.  Luke starts and ends each day by opening the second drawer of his dresser and removing every item, one by one.

Jace has been extra excited about Hanukkah this year.  And he’s coordinated enough to light candles on his own (and on Luke’s behalf), so that’s been fun.  Luke didn’t want to wear his “My First Hanukkah” sticker, but he’s holding it in the picture….

New Year’s Eve was fun!  Jace was all about the “crackers” (sparkly things that make a pop when you pull them open and that contain a toy, a joke, and a paper hat).  We popped balloons with prizes inside, ate fun snack foods, watched a prerecorded countdown around 7pm, played with silly string, shouted “Happy New Year” many many many times, had a sparkling cider toast, and, of course, ended the night by playing with the fire truck.

Jace is a little sick and Luke and I have pretty bad colds, but all in all, it was a fun way to end 2016.  The kids played with the paper hats some more today.  Luke thinks it’s hilarious to rip the hats off when he sees one of us wearing them.  Jace would put on a hat and Luke would chase him around the table until he caught him and got the hat.  Cute.  We packed up Christmas, and now Jace is ready to celebrate Luke’s first birthday (he keeps doing a countdown and shouting “Happy Birthday, Luke!”).

And lastly, because I forgot to post this earlier, check out Jace’s awesome muscles!


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