Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Christmas Eve….

Jace LOVED his advent calendar this year.  My parents sent me the calendar that Casey and I used when we were little (from our Grandma).  Every day Jace would race down the stairs to find the chocolate coin in the little pocket.  On Christmas Even morning, Jace helped me make a candy cane treat for breakfast.

And then it was time for a present.  One present for Jace got a little torn in shipping.  I tried taping it back together, but it didn’t really work.  Once Jace noticed it, there was no stopping him.  He had to free Rocky!  So then Luke needed a present too, and Jace was more than happy to help him with the unwrapping.

Adam wanted to eat the cliche holiday foods, so we had fruitcake (yuck) and roasted some chestnuts (also yuck).  We considered trying the chestnuts again after they cooled, but we couldn’t find them….  I guess Cuervo got them?  We watched Mickey’s Christmas Special again, then Jace put some cookies on a plate for Santa.  Cuervo was very interested in the cookies, so Jace explained to him why the cookies were off limits.  It was cute.

Then the kids headed to bed….  And Santa came!  Notice that Santa left some cookie crumbs?  Well, Cuervo took care of those before the kids woke up.  Ha.

Christmas Day….

Christmas morning was really exciting.  Jace rushed down the stairs and was SO EXCITED that Santa had visited.

The kids both seemed to love their presents from Santa.

Luke was so smiley!

Jace got excited all over again when he noticed that Santa “filled our socks!”  Despite having a tree overflowing with presents, both kids were happy with their stockings and Santa presents for most of the morning.

Two of our neighbors had presents for the kids.  One of them likes to get “impactful” presents.  Last year it was a guitar and microphone combo.  This year?  A huge tunnel system for Luke and a 6′ piano play mat for Jace.  Fun presents!

Over the course of the rest of the day, we managed to open over 2/3 of the presents under the tree.  Much better progress than last year!  Luke got excited about tearing wrapping paper.  Jace opened a Santa toy, so we took a break so Santa could watch Mickey’s Christmas Special with us.  We had yummy snacks (puff pastry trees – pesto with parm and marinara and nutella with cinnamon and vanilla icing).  Jace gave me the puzzle piece magnet he made in preschool.  And both kids got lots of fun toys!

Day after Christmas….

The next day the kids were so excited to play with the toys they’d opened the day before, that we didn’t get around to opening more presents until pretty late in the day.  We played with toys, had crescent roll wreath for breakfast, played with toys some more, opened a fire truck, and then needed to watch Mickey’s Christmas Special again (with the fire truck and with yummy popcorn).  Each time we’ve watched the show, Jace has gotten more into it.  He knows it so well now that he sings along with the songs, does the cheers, and answers all of Mickey’s questions.  Plus, he likes Adam, Luke, and me to participate too – hold our arms out when Mickey’s flying, do the Santa call when prompted, and point out the items Mickey needs to find.  It’s pretty adorable.

After Mickey, it was back to presents.  Both kids got even MORE fun toys.  Jace unwrapped a set of Paw Patrol vehicles that went perfectly with the Pup Pad he got – so of course we spent the evening going on Paw Patrol missions.

We didn’t open a bunch of the toys that required assembly because there was so much other stuff going on – but the kids and I got into those toys today.  Pictures of that in the next post.  It was a wonderful Christmas and these kids are super loved.


One thought on “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

  1. Yay Christmas! !! The guys look like they had lots of fun! All those toys and yummy fancy food (the parmeasan thing sounded devine). So fun to have a little brother around this year for Jace to play with. I love your kids sooooo much. Happy Hanukkah too!!!! Xoxoxoxo

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