Snow and Snowballs

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Jace and Luke play really well together.  Usually.

Peek-a-boo with the Plate – video

We spent an afternoon at Jack’s house and Jace and Jack had a ton of fun.  Jack has two astronaut costumes, so the boys went on space adventures.  And watched a space movie!

Luke likes bows.  And he’s adorable.

We had fun at Crayola again this week.  And Jace still loves playing with his toy bus.

Luke has been into everything this week.  Trying to figure out sippy cups (he thinks they’re for chewing), playing on the stairs, all smiles at 2am (yup, 2am), going through cupboards, and playing with the tree box.  Plus, he got TWO teeth!  His bottom two teeth came through this week.  His top two are close….  And possibly the reason we were awake from 11pm – 2:30am the other night….!

Playing with the Toy Table – video

Luke hasn’t been very interested in food lately (teeth?), but tonight he was all about the yogurt.  And it was everywhere!

We’ve been FESTIVE again this week.  Lights in the Parkway, Rudolph pancakes, festive snacks for preschool, and the kitties posed in front of the Christmas tree.

We watched the Mickey Mouse Christmas Special.  Two days in a row.  With fun snacks!

We also participated in a cookie swap.  And when I left the kitchen to get Luke to nap, my little sous chef continued “cooking”….  He got bored eventually and watched iPad.  I tried to sweep up the mess, but Luke got to it before I could grab the dustpan.  Oh well.  They had fun!

Jace and I played in the snow!  We also walked to Weis with our snow shovel.  Luke and Adam hung out and Jace and I got to have a snowy adventure.  Loved it.

The snow was a little wet and then a little icy.  Not ideal for snowballs.  Luckily, we got some indoor snowballs!  Adam tried to take cover in the playhouse, but Jace got him anyways.  After the “fight”, we discovered the snowballs are fun for other things too.  They’re perfect for the tree box and for knocking over cup towers (check out those action shots).

And now we’re all ready for a Christmas-y weekend!


One thought on “Snow and Snowballs

  1. It’s so cute to see the boys standing around somethinh. They’re so independent. I love the video showing Luke watching the balls on the toy table. I love his expression. I can’t believe the mess jace made in the kitchen!!!! Cute little tree game, too. The whole house is a toyroom. Such lucky little ones. Love you guys. Have fun this weekend.

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