Alaska – Part Two! (4.5 months ago)

The highlights of our trip to Alaska were the two family camping trips.  And I took a zillion pictures during them to prove it!

Our first trip was to the Russian River.  Jace was very excited to explore (“tesplore”) the campsite (“campasite”).  He headed off into the woods and kept shouting for everyone to follow him.  Grandma and Grandpa were great sports and bushwacked through the forest after him.  Eventually, we made it to the river.  Grandpa pointed out some fish, Luke hung out in the front carrier, and we all had fun being outside.

Casey and Bailey came up the next day.  Jace helped them set up their tent.  We had blankets and the GoPod, so Luke was happy hanging out at the campsite.  There was so much to see and touch!  He wasn’t crazy about pine needles, but Grandpa’s whiskers made him laugh every time.

We spent a decent amount of time down on the river.  Jace had his own fishing pole – with a hookless fly, thank goodness.  He had a great time swinging it around and casting into the river.  Or the rocks.  Or the trees.

Jace and I went on a few walks on the trail near the campsite.  I tried to take his picture at the turnaround.  I said “smile” and he said “lots of trees!”

Random pictures from the weekend – Uncle Casey climbing through trees down by the river, more fishing, Jace asleep in the popup (the kids slept great after spending all day outside!), walking with Grandma in the rain, and Luke hanging out with Grandpa.

And a few more – the kids playing in the popup, Jace standing by the freshly decorated door to the popup (he had a page of stickers….), Luke happy in the front carrier, the kids laughing together, Jace cooking a marshmallow (so excited!), and Jace and Uncle Casey checking out the switch on the popup (see video below).

Switches with Uncle Casey – Again – video

And in case you’re curious why this is called “Switches with Uncle Casey – AGAIN”, here’s a video from July 2014 (just over two years earlier).

Switches with Uncle Casey – video

The following weekend, we headed to Ptarmigan Creek.  I hadn’t been camping at Ptarmigan Creek in years!  There were some gnats when we first pulled in, so Grandpa used a pine bough to fan Jace – which Jace loved.  Uncle Casey and Aunt Bailey gave Jace a motorized fire truck toy.  This thing could drive off the edge of the picnic table and just keep going.  Pretty awesome and made Jace laugh a lot.  Luke hung out with Grandma on the blanket.  And Grandma and Jace made some yummy smores.

We took a day trip to the Russian River for more fishing.  And we all caught fish (fun!).  Jace, Luke, Grandma, and I walked down to the mouth of the river.  We saw a squirrel up close when we were on one of the boardwalks.  Grandma took some pictures for us.  And we made it back to everyone else in time to watch Uncle Casey catch a fish!

We wore the kids out!  Luke generally got up pretty early, but sometimes he went down for his first nap before Jace had woken up for the day.  Like I said in the last post, they slept hard, so when they woke up, they were happy and ready to play!  And Aunt Bailey made sure Luke got a chance to check out the light on the side of the popup too.  🙂

One afternoon we hiked down to Kenai Lake.  It was drizzling, but still a nice day for a walk.  We stopped and picked raspberries (delicious), had a walk-off on the train tracks (I think Casey won), then hung out on the shore of the lake skipping stones and throwing sticks.

Jace had a great time exploring everywhere and everything.  And Luke had a great time with his Grandparents!

It was a wonderful trip and Jace is already asking when we can visit again!


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