Play House and a Pool

How cute are these two?!

Now, the play house.  This thing sat outside all summer and barely got used at all.  Occasionally we’d notice a spiderweb on the house, talk about it, and then move on.  I couldn’t decide what to do with it, but didn’t want it outside all winter, so we brought it in.  After killing over 50 spiders (not an exaggeration) and going through a lot of cleaning products, it was finally cleaned up and ready for use.  And it’s now an absolute favorite play time item.  It’s crazy!  The kids are in and out of it constantly.  And when we have friends over, the friends are in and out of it constantly.  Here are some pictures of the kids (and friends and Cuervo and Adam!) having fun in the awesome play house.

Our other hot new toy is an inflatable swimming pool.  This thing is huge.  It was a Christmas present last year from our neighbor, but I never used it this summer.  Can you imagine how much water it would take to fill it?  And how much I’d flood the backyard when I dumped it out?  Anyways, debated giving it away, but then decided we might as well try it out.  And it’s been a fun space ship/boat/pirate ship/cave/igloo and more this week.  Check out the static-y hair!

The weather has gotten colder (low 20s today and in the teens now).  Rather than attempt a walk outside, we headed to Crayola!  Apparently no one else had the same idea, so we had the place almost all to ourselves.  Three hours flew by.  So – in the first picture, look how big Jace is!  When we first started going to Crayola, he wasn’t tall enough to see the top of the counter he’s working on in the picture.  He’s grown so much!  The second and third pictures were taken in the Model Magic area (modeling clay).  I was so worried about Luke bashing his head on the table – until I realized he’s short enough now to walk right underneath them!  The rest of the pictures are taken in Toddler Town.  Look at Luke in the first one.  I was sitting with him at the bottom of the “hill” and he just took off!  Made it up the hill, over the steps, and around the corner.  Fun!

One of the highlights this week was the Christmas Pajama Party.  I was a little sad that I didn’t have Christmas jammies for the kids – but we got a package in the mail the day before the party….  And it was matching Christmas Jammies (picture 1)!  HURRAY (and awesome timing!).  We got to the party and all Jace wanted to do was play with toys.  Eventually we got the kids situated and started the movie (picture 2).  Notice that Jace is sharing a couch with a toy fire truck (picture 3).  About 10 minutes into the movie, he started playing with the truck instead of watching the movie (picture 4).  Five minutes after that, he’d given up his couch and was playing with toys behind the row of kids watching the movie (picture 5).  The next group shot (picture 6) was taken at the 20 minute mark – notice the feet of my kids as they crawl out of the room to go play with toys (picture 7).  Beats last year when Jace spent the entire evening playing with toys and didn’t even know there was a movie playing.  In any case, all the kids seemed to have fun and the snacks were yummy.  And the jammies were adorable!

Other pictures from the week….  We’ve had fun with bath time.  Finally figured out a way to give Jace the colorful bubble bath he’s been asking for (check it out!).  And then today we spent the afternoon making our playdough volcano erupt hot lava.  It was fun, though Luke got so excited that he leaned over the edge and faceplanted into a vinegar-y volcano (and Jace shouted “Luke is in the lava!”).  But overall, it was fun.

We ran out of popsicles, so we headed to Weis.  I reached for the stroller, Jace requested the trike, and we compromised on the scooter.  He liked it, but his hands were freezing by the end.  Luke, on the other hand, was super cozy in the carrier and fell asleep!

So much jumping.  Luke loves the trampoline (and can climb up there on his own quite easily now).  Jace and his friends decided the couch was a good trampoline.  And then Jace showed off his favorite pre-bedtime activity – jumping from his bed onto the mattress below.

We spent an afternoon at Kids Castle.  Jace and Daphne read his Christmas book together.  We had snack (and the kids looked cute so I took pictures).  I contemplated attempting a craft while Luke slept, then decided against it.  And I got a terrifying reminder that I should tether all the furniture to the wall (Jace thought he saw candy on the top of my dresser and climbed it to find out – terrifying.  He’s got a bruise the size of a quarter on his hip, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and we all have a newfound respect for the weight of the dresser).

The kids are funny.  Luke likes when we balance things on our heads.  I tried balancing a toy on his head, he tried reaching for it, and I realized his hands only read to his forehead.  So cute!  Jace has taken to crawling around the house with puddle boots on his feet…. and on his hands….  Cuervo’s favorite person in the world is Luke in a high chair (and Cuervo is SO good about not biting, it’s awesome).  Jace loves playing with his flashlights and lanterns.  And he’s recently figured out shadow play.

Lastly, three videos.

Luke on the Trampoline – video
He loves the trampoline!  He’s quick at climbing up there too!

Hide and Seek with Daphne – video
Jace and Daphne played hide and seek together.

Hide and Seek – in the Corners! – video
This one is longer (1:25), but I think it’s funny.  Apparently a corner is an awesome hiding place.  And hilarious.  They had a great time.


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