So Much Festivity

We have been super festive lately.  There’s just so much fun and festive stuff to do around here!  So here are some pictures from the first week and a half of our festive December.

We got out our Christmas decorations.  The cats are excited to have their Santa hat beds back.  Jace found a page of menorah stickers that he wore while decorating the tree.  Adam and Jace teamed up to put the star on the very top.  And Adam bought me our 2016 family ornament – our first Christmas as a family of four!

We had Christmas tree pancakes (Luke liked them too!), we had reindeer sandwiches, and we got out the Christmas plate.  Jace is loving his advent calendar.  And we have our carousel and our chime set up on the dinner table now.

The kids made their Christmas presents for grandparents – with varying degrees of success.  We checked out a house 5 minutes from us that goes crazy with lights (SO MANY LIGHTS!).  Jace has been reading his Christmas books to himself and to Luke.  And we’ve been playing with our Christmas tree ball sorter box.

We went to the tree lighting ceremony at the community center by our house.  It was great!  We saw reindeer, checked out the lit up fire truck, decorated cookies, roasted hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows, played at the indoor snowball fight, and made some ornaments.

We also got a chance to see Santa!  I was excited to get a picture of Luke with Santa, but Luke slept – in my coat – the entire two hours we were there.  Jace was very brave meeting Santa.  He wanted to hold hands the entire time, which was fine, but he talked to Santa and even gave him a high five!

But the highlight of the night, as far as Jace was concerned, was rolling down the hill outside.  There were a bunch of kids out there and they all just kept running up and down the hill.  Jace had never rolled down a hill before, so it took him a while to get comfortable with it.  He spent a long time running up and down the hill, did some crawling, then worked his way up to rolling.  And he loved it.  We spent a lot of time on that hill.

Rolling Down the Hill – video

Another night, we headed to Christmas Village.  It was a cold night, but we dressed for it and stayed pretty warm.  There were a ton of lights and window displays to check out.  And, once again, Luke curled up in my coat and slept the entire time.  Jace and Adam sure make a cute Santa/elf combo, though!

Since Luke kept sleeping through the Santa experiences, we headed to a department store last weekend.  They had a free Santa meet-and-greet event.  And almost no one showed up!  Luke was all smiles when we got there.  He was happy as I walked towards Santa.  He was even happy as I lowered him onto Santa’s lap.  But the second I let go, he started screaming.  Poor guy!  We snapped one picture, picked him up, and he was all smiles again.  Overall, it was a good time.  Jace got reindeer ears and a Rudolph nose and we did get a family picture with Santa!

Lastly, Santa came through the neighborhood on a fire truck this weekend!  We love this event.  We cracked our windows and spent the whole morning listening for the sirens.  Luke was awake for a while, but finally needed his nap.  And of course, that’s when Santa came by.  Though, given his last experience with Santa, I bet Luke was okay with that….  Jace, Adam, and I rushed outside to see Santa.  Jace got his apple and his candy cane and was sooooo excited!

Santa on the Fire Truck – video

Jace insisted his apple was “for sharing”, so when Luke woke up we sliced up the apple, got out the caramel dip, and had a Christmas snack.

We have plenty more festive stuff planned for the next two weeks.  Jace is getting very excited for Christmas.  And it’s snowing as I finish this post!  Hopefully we’ll have snowy pictures to post soon!


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